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Emmerdale spoilers: The Dingles receive devastating news from Aaron

Chas has some news

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal the Dingles receive the news that Aaron won’t be coming back to the village for Liv’s hearing.

Aaron left the village last year after his boyfriend Ben was murdered and his sister Liv was charged with the murder.

Without an update from Manpreet, Liv’s time is running out. In the hospital room, DS Rogers asks Manpreet to recount specific details Meena may have shared about Ben’s death.

Soon Vinny is distraught when DS Rogers informs Vinny that due to a lack of concrete evidence, Liv isn’t going to be released.

Emmerdale Tue 25 Jan Vinny asks shocked Manpreet to lie to the police
Vinny goes to see Manpreet (Credit: ITV)

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Manpreet is shocked when Vinny pays her a visit and asks her to lie to the police, but will she do it?

The next day, Liv tells Vinny that a court hearing has been requested due to some new evidence.

She asks Vinny to tell Aaron the news and he obliges.

Emmerdale spoilers: The Dingles receive devastating news

At Wishing Well, Mandy and Lydia dance at the news Liv may be released.

However the mood is soon brought down when Chas arrives and tells them the news that Aaron isn’t coming.

Emmerdale Wed 26 Jan Vinny is shocked when Chas tells him Aaron isn't coming
Vinny is shocked when Chas tells him Aaron isn’t coming (Credit: ITV)

Vinny panics that his absence will set off Liv’s drinking.

It’s the day of the hearing and Vinny is excited. In her prison cell, Liv packs to go home.

Vinny worries about telling Liv that Aaron isn’t coming.

Emmerdale Thu 27 Jan Vinny lies to thrilled Liv Aaron is one his way
Vinny tells Liv that Aaron is on her way (Credit: ITV)

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Unable to burst her bubble, Vinny tells her Aaron is on her way. However Vinny feels terrible about lying.

How will Liv react when she realises Aaron isn’t going to be there?

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