Emmerdale SPOILER: Was Tracy the one who assaulted Josh?

But is she telling the truth - or covering for someone close to her? Hmmm...

While we’ve all been busy wondering who pushed Ken Barlow down the stairs in Corrie, another soapy whodunnit has slipped under the radar without much mention – who beat up teen terror Josh and left him for dead in Emmerdale?

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Dan Spencer has been odds-on favourite (we’re not bookies so this might not be strictly accurate) after he found the battered teen and alerted police.

But the drama takes another twist next week when Tracy Shankley goes to the cops and tells them she dunnit. Huh?

But is she telling the truth – or is she covering for someone else?

Either way, Eric Pollard decides to take matters into his own hands when he smashes up Tracy’s phone, which contains actual footage of the attack.

Good move, Pollard. But not good enough as Kerry Wyatt, who wants to clear Dan’s name, grabs the remaining bits of the phone and whisks them off to the police station too.

She’s hotly pursued by David Metcalfe and they both fight to get their points across to the cops.

It’s a fruitless task though as Tracy steps in, confesses and is locked up. Yikes.

Poor David is gutted to see Tracy behind bars, but how long will she be there for? Will he lose her forever?

Josh and his little stooge, Jamie, have made a lot of enemies in Emmerdale recently.

They attacked Pollard in the shop with baseball bats, leaving him fighting for his life in hospital.

They’ve also been bullying Jacob over Tracy’s erotic writing career.

And nasty Josh plied Gabby Thomas with alcohol, before taking her virginity and then bragging about it online.

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He deserved a bit of a roughing up, if you ask us!

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