Emmerdale: Moira set to destroy Cain and Charity’s Happy Ever After

Actress opens up about on-off couple's plan to flee the country

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Emmerdale star Emma Atkins has admitted that she hopes it doesn’t work out between her character Charity Tate and the love of her life, Cain Dingle.

The pair have had an on/off relationship full of drama for years, but even though they are currently back together, Emma wouldn’t be too upset if it wasn’t for good as she thinks the pair have just as much chemistry when they’re rowing.

Cain (Jeff Hordley) has split from wife Moira and is back in the arms of Charity in the ITV soap, and when it comes out that their daughter Debbie plans on staying in France and quitting the village for good, the pair consider joining her.

Cain and Charity Emmerdale

But Emma said: “When people ask me if Charity and Cain will be together, I’ve always said they’re brilliant, but for how long.

“They don’t have longevity. Where do you take two people who are quite damaged goods?

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“I always think it’s good when there’s a reason they can’t quite be together because then there’s always that burning desire.

“The banter between them when they’re not together is equally as fiery and good.”

Viewers are about to see Charity decide to turn her back on Emmerdale and head to the continent to live near Debbie, with Cain making the shock announcement that he plans to go with her.

Emma explained: “While Moira is always hanging over them, they can never truly move on.

“So she just feels that to cut her losses and go and follow Debbie wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.”

But even though Cain claims he wants to leave the village too, Charity suspects it won’t work out.

Moira Emmerdale

Emma said: “Charity, for all her front, is so insecure, but she hides it with all her bravado.

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When people put on that outer shell, inside there’s this mushy mess, and when it comes to Cain, Charity can be a bit of a mess. She hangs on to his every word.

“Of course, she’s worried that he’ll go away and rethink it and decide that Moira’s the one.”

Emmerdale continues on week nights on ITV.