Emmerdale fans in tears at Robron wedding twist

Did the boys finally say I do?

Emmerdale Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden are husbands after they got married in a garage!

Robert had spent the entire previous episode running around planning a surprise wedding for his fiancé in the Woolpack, but it’s never a Dingle wedding without drama, and the police arrived right in the middle of it.

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Fortunately, they weren’t there for either groom, it was actually to arrest Aaron’s grandma, Faith Dingle, after her dead husband’s daughter accused her of murder.

Robert wasn’t happy with the disturbance, lamenting he wanted everything to be perfect and now it was ruined.

But Aaron wasn’t having any of that, and insisted they still made their vows – in their own unique way.

Heading into the garage where they had their first time, just the two of them, they exchanged rings and said ‘I do’. Aw!

Robert went first, telling Aaron:

“I take you, Aaron Dingle, to be my wedded husband. I promise to be faithful, to put you first, to make you happy, to keep trying to be better for you – because you deserve it.”

Aaron followed him with touching words of his own:

“I, Aaron Dingle, take you, Robert Jacob Sugden, to be my wedded husband. I can’t really think of anything else to say. Sorry, I’m rubbish at this. But you know.

“I’ve never had this with anyone else before. I never thought I’d have this with anyone. I never thought I’d have it with you. And now I’ve gone and messed it all up.

“I promise to be better as well. To trust you. To never let you down ever again. I promise I’m going to be the best husband I can be.”

Somebody pass us a tissue, we think we’ve got something in our eye!

They went back to the Woolpack after the private ceremony where they celebrated with their friends and family.

Robert upheld Dingle family tradition by downing a drink from a welly, and the boys even enjoyed a first dance.

Fans all over Twitter lapped up the happy occasion.

Tezza said: “I’m still super emotional that Robron are married.”

“Can’t get over the wedding, I’ve waited for months and it was everything I’d hoped Xx” tweeted Reagan King.

And Beth loved it so much she watched it again! “Can’t stop watching the #robronwedding. It is just perfection” she tweeted

“Robron made me go all teary eyed at their wedding” said another user.

Sarit said: “I can’t stop crying & smiling! Thank u Danny&Ryan 4 giving us so much joy &4 making #Robron the best love story ever seen”.

Mama Bear/59 sleeps also said: “Robron are husbands and now I’m all emotional again”.

And Deana summed it up: “Beautiful and perfect! So lovely and bittersweet. I couldn’t stop smiling. Loved it.”

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So it looks like it was a hit then.

After all they’ve been through, it’s nice to see the lads have some happiness.

But we know it’s set to be short-lived with Aaron heading to prison later this week to serve his 12 month sentence for assaulting Kasim Sabet.

With a hard time ahead for him as he suffers at the hands of the other inmates, will the boys ever get their honeymoon period?