Emmerdale fans accuse soap of ruining their favourite character Aaron

Has this fan favourite become a "boring drip"?

Emmerdale fans have accused the soap of ‘ruining’ one of their favourite characters – and they are not happy about it!

Last night (Wednesday 6 March), viewers slammed the ITV soap for turning Aaron into a “boring drip” as he became increasingly fixated on finding a surrogate mum to have a child with.

Aaron has been searching for a surrogate to carry his child (Credit: ITV)

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Going against his husband Robert’s wishes, Aaron had met up with a possible surrogate mum – only to be left disappointed when it all fell through.

Viewers saw the character meeting up with surrogate Lucie and even stealing money from Robert in a bid to pay her to carry their child.

But it all feel through when she revealed she couldn’t be his surrogate because she’d already committed to another couple.

Emmerdale ITV
Aaron and Robert have clashed over Aaron’s determination to have a child (Credit: ITV)

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Devastated by her refusal, a desperate Aaron was seen begging her to change her mind.

And, while some fans felt sympathy for him, many others were annoyed with the storyline.

One fan seethed: “How on earth have the folks at #Emmerdale managed to turn a complex and interesting character like Aaron into a boring drip, obsessed with becoming a parent and constantly droning about surrogacy #robron.”

Another said: “Aaron is becoming such high maintenance. He steals and when he gets caught throws a strop like a teenager #Emmerdale.”

A third cried: “Oh come on, Aaron might be many things but a complete muppet isn’t one of them. No matter how much he wants a kid, handing over a handful of cash to complete strangers is ridiculous. If he does this then he can’t call himself a Dingle or Sugden as its an insult #Emmerdale.”

“You’re better than this,” said one fan. While another added: “Aaron, you’ve lost your damn mind.”

However, loyal Aaron fans believe there’s more to his behaviour than meets the eye, with one saying: “I wish this storyline would show more what’s behind Aaron’s desperation instead of just showing the desperation. #emmerdale.”

Others believe the surrogacy drama is leading into another mental health storyline for the character.

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