ED! readers believe they know who pushed Ken Barlow

Did they do it?

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It’s the question on everybody’s lips: who pushed Coronation Street’s Ken Barlow down the stairs?

Ken has spent the last couple of weeks upsetting his entire family, and even started on resident killer Pat Phelan, and his bad attitude saw someone attack him on Monday night.

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Readers are convinced they know who did it: Amy Barlow!

She’s not actually in the list of suspects Corrie have released, but after EastEnders shocked us by revealing Bobby Beale killed his sister, Lucy, it seems anything is possible!

She spent the episodes acting very sneakily indeed, even rushing out of her violin recital and going missing.

In fact, 453 of you are sure it was Amy, with Helen Strawson saying she’s “definitely her mother’s daughter”, and Tony Rollinson pointing out: “nobody has mentioned Amy she didn’t get a new violin & Ken has accused her of being like her mother”.

The second favourite amongst readers is Adam Barlow with 397 of you believing he was the one who attacked Ken.

Adam was last seen skulking around in the shadows near the Barlows’. Everyone else believes he’s in Canada after Ken threw him out over the drug dealing, but he’s still on the street and was in prime location to push his grandad down the stairs in revenge for Ken burning all his drug money.

Lyn Lerwill commented “he’s wanting his share of the inheritance”, and Celine Bell saying it “has to be him”.

Meanwhile, Jenny Gray had a whole storyline plotted out – also involving Amy Barlow!

Evil Pat Phelan came in third – we already know he’s a killer so it’s the obvious choice really.

Beryl Manning didn’t believe Phelan’s story about finding Ken on the floor, and Rita Williams thinks as he’s a murderer already “one more person won’t make any difference to him.”

Tracy, Peter and Daniel came fourth, fifth and sixth, with Simon Rudge suggesting Peter “felt he had nothing to lose” and Jackie Cowan saying she thinks Daniel is “evil and has done something to his mum Denise”.

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No one really thinks Sinead Tinker has it in her with only six people suggesting she was to blame. But could that be a classic Corrie red herring? The one we least suspect is actually the one who did it?!

As the investigation rumbles on, when will we find out who tried to kill Ken? They’ve certainly all go motive!