EastEnders SPOILER: Phil back – to save Louise?

It's the aftermath of the prom devastation - is Phil back to sort things out?

Your high school prom should be a night you never forget and, for the teenagers of Walford, it looks set to be exactly that.

Looking good before the big night (credit: BBC)

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But instead of giving the kids life memories of sneaky kisses with their crush and nostalgia for their school days, they’re going to remember this prom for all the wrong reasons.

While we can’t tell you what’s going down at the party – mainly because we don’t know – we DO know that Louise Mitchell gets pushed from a balcony by those hideous bullies, Madison and Alexandra.

If you haven’t see the prom trailer yet, there’s the briefest shot of Lou – who’s sporting a Prom Queen sash – tumbling backwards after being shoved, then landing on her back some feet below.

Could Louise DIE? (credit: BBC)

Could Louise actually DIE at her own prom? Or does she suffer some kind of life changing injuries?

Whatever her fate, we know that Phil Mitchell is back on the Square next week, and we’re willing to take a wager that he’s there to help his little girl.

In case you’ve forgotten, because it’s been a long ruddy time since we last saw him, Phil’s been in Italy recovering from his liver transplant.

Sharon’s taken up the position of head of the Mitchell family, but considering Lou has already been hospitalised with alcohol poisoning and Denny is running wild, we’re not convinced she’s doing a very good job.

Disaster strikes at the prom – is Keegan to blame? (credit: BBC)

Now, Phil already knows that Louise has been having a hard time at the hands of the school bullies. She called him last week, begging to be allowed to change schools.

When Phil finds out what’s happened at the prom, he’s bound to be on the first plane home to be there for his daughter.

But while we might be hoping for Phil to come back and sort Madison and Alexandra out once and for all (and Keegan too, while he’s at it) – that might not be the case.

Former Easties boss, Sean O’Connor, said that Phil would be a different man on his return, having had time to think about what’s really important.

Phil will return a changed man (credit: BBC)

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He told “Phil returns in a moment of crisis for the Mitchells. But he is a changed Phil from the exhausted lion that left the square.

“His days of being a hard man are coming to an end and he has had a real wake-up call after the transplant.

“He knows that he has a second chance now and it’s given him food for thought. Has he had a good life? Can he right the wrongs of the past? And even if he wants to, does he have the time to do it?”

We’re hoping that Phil still has a bit of fight in him to sort those bullies out. After all, no one messes with ‘FAHHHMLY’