EastEnders’ Samantha Womack is looking a LOT different these days

The EastEnders favourite is totally unrecognisable

When actors get killed off in EastEnders they generally go off and do one of four things.

One: have a terrible accident and get rushed to Holby City.

Two: head off to LA and hang out with Beppe (Michael Greco) and someone out of Hollyoaks in the Hollywood hills.

Three: panic about work and get snapped up by a reality show.

Or four: get back to basics and tread the boards!

Well, after her shocking demise in the New Year episode of EastEnders, telly legend Sam Womack has decided on option four.

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And we are more than excited about it because she has chosen very wisely her next career move and headed so far away from Ronnie that fans will just not recognise her.

She’s ditched telly for a while and kicked off a UK tour of the critically acclaimed Addams Family musical .

The show premiered last night in Wimbledon and was watched by the star’s famous mates – including Sam’s TV mum, Glenda, played the exquisite Glynis Barber.

The sassy actress, who is best known for her roles in Blakes Seven and Dempsey and Makepeace, tweeted proudly about the show saying: “My girl did good!” before adding: ” @Sam_Womack was a brilliant, funny #sexymorticia #tango #theadamsfamily. Great show & performances all round.”

And fans of the soap were giddy with excitement when they clapped eyes on the reunion.

One gasped:  “Great photo of you both!! Really looking forward to seeing it myself. Sam is the perfect Morticia x.”

While another told them the two of them were dearly missed from the show. “Miss you both not being on #EastEnders. Ronnie shouldn’t have been killed off,” while a third added: “How brill. I’m starting a campaign, Bring back Barber and Womack.”

In the stage musical, Ronnie plays Morticia Adams, the wife of the creepy Gomez, who has to pour herself into a skin tight black dress.

But if you think Sam swapping Albert Square misery for musical mayhem is a big stretch, don’t forget Sam has a secret past.

Well, it’s not exactly a secret, but to this day she still doesn’t really like to talk much about it.

Yes, many many years ago (1991 to be precise), she represented the UK at Eurovision with a catchy ditty A Message To Your Heart.

Sadly it came tenth with just 47 points (a big low at that point in the UK’s Euro history) so Sam now prefers not to talk about it anymore.

Now she’s all focused on getting gothic in the Addams Family, which was a huge hit on Broadway!

“We’re really lucky,” says Samantha of the lavish production. “It’s a show with a credibility that is really exciting. The cast is phenomenal – musical theatre royalty –including Les Dennis. Les has starred in loads of musicals, including Spamalot, but he is also a really knowledgeable comedy buff. He is going to be great as Uncle Fester.”

Sam says her 12 year old daughter is a fan of the show as she is drawn to the darkly wicked Wednesday!

“I think most young girls will really be drawn to her,” she told a local paper. “The age guide is seven plus, but it is very much a family show that will really entertain people and send them home with a light and happy feeling. It’s just that kind of piece.”

Sam also admits that she’s glad to be free of EastEnders because now she can do so many more things and can get out there and travel around.

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“EastEnders meant that I was stationary for a long time,” she explains. “Going back to treading the boards was appealing. I stop myself tail-spinning by staying fit and healthy and by keeping to my own little routines, but touring is exciting and each theatre gets a slightly different production, because architecturally and acoustically every theatre is a different experience.”

Meanwhile, The Addams Family play kicks off in Edinburgh on April 20 and will stop off in a number of cities, including Birmingham, Cardiff, Dublin, London and many more.