Danniella Westbrook hits back at claims she cheated on fiancé

She was allegedly spotted with another man in Benidorm

Former EastEnders star Danniella Westbrook has hit back at claims she cheated on her fiancé, after a video emerged showing what appeared to be her kissing someone else.

Danniella is engaged to toyboy Alan Thomason and she is pregnant with his baby, but people claim to have seen her partying with another man in Benidorm.

Alan and Danniella are having their first baby together (Credit: Instagram)

Grainy footage emerged which showed Danniella kissing another man, though it wasn’t clear if she kissed him on the cheek or on the lips.

The man she was with was a tourist called Reece who claims she was “all over” him.

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Reece told The Sun: “She likes a younger man, I told her I was 25, and I thought she was about 30, but she’s 43, that’s pretty much my mum’s age.

“Me and my mates were in Tiki Beach Bar having a session and she came in wearing a pair of Nike Air Max and was wobbling all over the place.

“My mate pointed out that Danniella Westbrook was over by the toilet so I went over and started chatting to her, and for a laugh said, ‘Give us a kiss’.

“The next thing I know she’s all over me, snogging the life out of me, and we stayed with her for about six hours on a drinking session.

Danniella is happy with her life at the moment (Credit: Flynet Pictures)

“We kissed between 10 and 15 times, I had her sitting on my lap and everything.”

Reece denied knowing that the TV star was pregnant or engaged.

But Danniella has now hit back at the claims and said she definitely did NOT cheat on her hubby, and that she didn’t drink.

She defended herself on Twitter, as she tweeted to her followers: “took a picture with someone at tikki beach and peck on cheek get a bloody grip ya fools.”

Following this, she said: “Truth is I don’t work in a bar in Benidorm I helped a mate out! I had pictures with people didn’t cheat!And I’m not drinking!”

She later got a little angrier in another tweet where she said: “i actually cant win say no to pictures have people slag me say yes to pictures get accused of cheating! EVERYONE CAN 0121 DO 1.

“AND TRUST ME I HAVE THE MOST PERFECT MAN I DONT NEED TO CHEAT.” Woh okay Danny enough with the capital letters.

She hinted she might be having twins (Credit: ITV)

But it didn’t stop there as one Twitter user called her a “disgrace” and she replied directly to them!

She said: “a disgrace really for letting someone peck me on the cheek whilst taking pictures with holiday makers in benidorm… wow really what ever.”

During a recent interview on Lorraine she hinted she might be pregnant with twins.

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She said: “It wasn’t really planned. I don’t know if I’m having two as I’m huge. It might be be twins but I’m not having another scan until four or five weeks.”

Now a baby or babies are on the way, Danniella is determined to stick to the straight and narrow and remain clean.

Danniella flaunted her bump on Lorraine (Credit: ITV)

And she says that her new man Alan has been very helpful with that!

“I’m the hardest person to live with as everyone saw when I was in Big Brother.

“He’s a real man’s man and he’s Spanish so he is family orientated.

“He does take good care of me and he’s fun so we have a happy mix of everything.”

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