Corrie SPOILER: Will Michelle terminate pregnancy and leave Steve?

Michelle "doesn't know how she can cope" with the pregnancy

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Michelle Connor’s pregnancy on Coronation Street is going to take a heavy toll on her mental wellbeing and could see her go for a termination.

The worry of her husband, Steve McDonald’s possible genetic condition, that could have been passed on to their unborn baby, is playing on her mind.

This isn’t helped when the secret surrounding the pregnancy is spilled by Steve’s mum Liz.

Worse of all, the news was told to Steve’s daughter Amy, who is not known for her tight lips and diplomacy.

This situation is made all the more difficult when a prying Amy finds searches for abortion clinics on the search history of Michelle’s laptop.

Kym has opened up about her character Michelle’s worries, as she tries to deal with the pregnancy.

She said: “Michelle is extremely worried.

“She was nervous when she went for her 12-week scan, but that all went well and she was finally getting excited about the pregnancy when Steve dropped the bombshell about his call from Jim.

“Now she can think of nothing else and she doesn’t know what is going to happen.”

Speaking about what happens with Amy, Kym said: “Well, the way it comes out is not ideal.

“Liz ends up telling her because Michelle has been really snappy with Amy, and Liz tries to explain that Michelle is hormonal because she is pregnant.

“Then Michelle is looking at abortion info online and Amy finds the pages on her iPad and is devastated. It’s all a real mess.”

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Of course, to think about abortion means that Michelle’s mind is already conflicted about the future prospect of having a sick baby.

Kym continues: “She doesn’t know what to do for the best.

“She is worried that she might end up having a situation where her husband is ill and they have a child who is also ill and she really doesn’t know if she could cope.

“It isn’t something she is thinking about lightly and not necessarily something she would go through with.”

Michelle apparently reaches out to Steve on the matter, unaware that her husband has Leanne’s baby on his mind too.

He had a one-night stand with Leanne and is looking to a future of fathering two children within days of each other. Not that Michelle knows this.

Kym said: “It’s hard for Steve as he is worried too and obviously she doesn’t know that Steve is also worrying about Leanne’s child.

“She has confided in Leanne, which is the worst thing she could have done as she doesn’t realise this has completely freaked her out too.”

Michelle then turns to Robert for some advice after he lends her a listening ear.

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Kym continues: “Yes, it comes about when Michelle ends up getting upset about the whole situation with Amy confronting her about the abortion.

“She and Robert have not really seen eye-to-eye ever since the whole Carla thing, but he is suddenly someone who is being calm and listening to her.

“Robert tells her she can be strong and deal with it.

“He is the opposite to Steve – he can stand back and take stock of a situation and be rational. Steve just goes into panic mode.”

Will this panic lead to Steve spilling the beans about Leanne’s pregnancy? It seems that is on the horizon and there are devastating consequences.

“There is a long way to go yet before she does find out, but I just don’t see how she could forgive him.

“Who knows in the future what will happen, but certainly I think the reveal of all of this could spell the end of Michelle and Steve for the time being.”

What a tangled web they have weaved!