Corrie: Kym Marsh has devastating news for Michelle and Steve fans

Is the dream over?

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The nation’s hearts collectively broke last year when it was revealed Steve McDonald had got Leanne Battersby pregnant.

After all, it surely meant the end for Steve and his wife Michelle Connor.

Sure enough, when Michelle found out the truth, she ditched Steve and moved on with Robert Preston. But is a reunion likely for the McDonalds?

Everyone loved them together (Credit: ITV)

Not according to Kym Marsh, who plays Michelle, even though fans desperately want to see it happen.

Speaking to The Sun Online, she revealed: “I think he would have to do something pretty amazing [to win her back].

“He would have to save her life or something.”

Steve would have to “save Michelle’s life” to win her back (Credit: ITV)

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Michelle’s current relationship with Robert has hit the rocks after Chesney Brown’s stabbing on Monday. He was caught in the crossfire in an argument between Robert and his former friend-turned-drug-dealer, Rich.

Robert later confessed to Michelle that he and Rich had been friends, along with Robert’s ex, Catherine.

Catherine had taken an overdose and Rich had apparently got Robert through the dark times, which is why the restaurateur feels he owes Rich and is considering laundering money through the Bistro to help him out.

Michelle told her lover in no uncertain terms if he helped Rich, their relationship was over.

Robert and Michelle are on rocky ground (Credit: ITV)

Despite her threat, we later saw Robert call Rich and agree to do what he said – just this once. Does that spell the end for his relationship with Michelle?

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that Steve will soon find himself a new love interest after his divorce from Michelle is finalised.

Apparently he’ll hit it off with a mystery woman, but his mother Liz won’t be pleased with his new lady friend. In fact, she’ll try and tell him, in a way only Liz could, that it’ll never work.

Losing their little boy hit Michelle and Steve hard (Credit: ITV)

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They suffered a horrible start to 2017 when Michelle lost the baby she was carrying at 22 weeks pregnant. As they struggled to get over their loss, Michelle was heartbroken when Steve revealed he was the father of Leanne’s baby.

He did it in typical Steve fashion – completely insensitively in the middle of the Bistro in front of everyone.

So it’s hardly surprising Kym thinks there’s no way back for them.

Still, never rule anything out in Soapland, stranger things have happened many, many, many times.