Coronation Street viewers furious at pre-watershed drug taking

The scenes didn't impress viewers at all

Coronation Street fans were not happy with Thursday’s additional outing of Corrie when Robert Preston’s drug dealer friend, Rich, snorted cocaine before the 9pm watershed.

Robert was seen meeting with Rich before getting in the car with him and watching on as Rich put the class-A substance up his nose.

Rich offered Robert some drugs (Credit: ITV)

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The Bistro boss was then seen getting a bag of coke for himself, leaving viewers scratching their heads as to what on earth he was playing at.

We found out earlier this week that Robert used to be quite the addict, and along with Rich and Robert’s old girlfriend, Catherine, they used to use the drug to get through long shifts at the restaurant.

But when Catherine overdosed, Robert got clean and got away from that circle and has since made a life for himself in Weatherfield.

Now Rich has returned and wants Rob to launder dodgy money through the Bistro. When Robert refused at first, Rich turned nasty – and Chesney Brown was caught in the crossfire and ended up getting stabbed.

Chesney got stabbed during Rich and Robert’s showdown on Monday (Credit: ITV)

Robert’s girlfriend Michelle Connor insisted that Robert hand Rich in to the police or else they were over, but the next time we saw Robert was calling Rich to say he would launder the money. WHAT?

As the pair met up last night to discuss the details, Robert told Rich he could use something to take the edge off. They got in the car together and Rich proceeded to snort some cocaine before handing the bag to Robert.

Rich snorting the cocaine did not go down well with viewers (Credit: ITV)

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Was Robert really turning back to his own ways? And what would this mean for his relationship with Michelle?

All became clear when the police swooped in and arrested Rich as Robert was asking him for the drugs.

Rich was arrested, but swore revenge – watch out Robert (Credit: ITV)

Rich snarled that Robert better watch his back, but we’re relieved he did the right thing.

However, viewers might have been pleased Rich was caught out, but they weren’t happy with the drug-taking whole situation.

This comes weeks after complaints when Daniel Osbourne overdosed on cocaine and vodka, and was seen dancing around his flat to the Buzzcocks on a huge bender.

From Buzzcocks to buzzed out (Credit: ITV)

Daniel was eventually found by Adam and Robert and taken to hospital.

But viewers weren’t happy that the odd scenes had aired before the watershed and complaints were made to Ofcom.

We expect plenty more will be made after this latest episode too.