Cheryl shocks fans with cheeky remark about Liam Payne sex life

Calm down, Cheryl!

Cheryl usually keeps her romance with Liam Payne away from the spotlight… but she couldn’t resist divulging a bit of cheeky info about their sex life with fans.

The former X Factor judge has been every inch the proud girlfriend in recent days, raving about Liam’s brand new solo single, Bedroom Floor.

As you’d probably guess from the title, it’s a rather racy song about a guy whose girlfriend breaks up with him but then calls him up when she’s lonely.

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One thing leads to another and, well, the clothes are on the bedroom floor!

And after Cheryl shared the song on Twitter on Tuesday, one fan couldn’t help cracking a joke about Cheryl, 34, and Liam, 24, being parents to a seven-month-old son.

She tweeted at Cheryl: “I heard it was more baby toys rather on the bedroom floor than clothes!”

Well, Chezza had an answer to that!

Rather than let the quip slide, good-natured Cheryl fired back: “Not from where I’m looking!”

Naturally, the star’s fans were LOVING the rare insight into Cheryl and Liam’s life behind closed doors.

One joked: “This tweet. Oh, Cheryl, calm down now, there’s children on here.”

Another laughed: “Chezza! You’re such a little minx! You’re a very lucky lady!”

And a third simply said: “Too much information!”

Bedroom Floor is the follow up to One Direction star Liam’s debut solo track Strip That Down and Get Low, his collaboration with Zedd.

The track raised eyebrows on its release last week, with fans wondering if it was the song Liam wrote about Cheryl trying to dump him.

Now, before you panic, this isn’t a recent incident.

It actually happened quite some time ago, before Cheryl was pregnant with their son Bear, who was born in March.

Lyrics include: “Baby, I heard you’ve been talking about me lately, telling all your friends how much you late me… We always on and off, until you’re on me. You want to break up just to fix it now.

“You said it was over but your clothes say different on my bedroom floor.”

Liam told The Sun earlier this year: “There’s one song that is basically a phone call that happened between me and her when she was about to let it go.

“And it’s basically me trying to cling on and say, ‘No, no, no, it’s all going to work out, don’t worry about it, give it time’.”

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Naturally, fans thought the song in question was Bedroom Floor.

However, Liam cleared up the confusion earlier this week, insisting Bedroom Floor is nothing to do with Cheryl and there’s actually another song on his album referencing that phone call.


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