Emmerdale character feared dead after death threat

Shocking secrets exposed

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There could be another death in the Dales this week as Lachlan White’s dark past catches up with him.

In last night’s Emmerdale, viewers saw the troubled teen confronted over his recent worrying behaviour in front of his girlfriend Belle Dingle.

Belle was shocked to hear about Lachlan’s recent behaviour (Credit: ITV)

He’s become increasingly unhinged over Robert Sugden’s place in his family’s life, and last week even took out his anger on newborn Sebastian.

He threw a remote control at the crying baby to the shock of his family and viewers alike.

His violent outburst and recent unpredictability led Aaron Dingle to grow concerned for Belle, so he told her about the Seb incident and Lachlan’s plan to sleep with a prostitute.

Lachlan denied the accusations which cause him to reach breaking point once again.

Lachlan has been becoming increasingly unhinged recently (Credit: ITV)

He later sends Belle a text implying she won’t see him again before viewers then see him clutching a powerdrill in the dark.

Could he be threatening to take his own life?

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In Wednesday’s episode, Chrissie will become frantic he’s done just that as he is nowhere to be found.

The dark storyline comes as Emmerdale bosses have confirmed that Lachlan, played by Tom Atkinson, is leaving the soap soon along with his family members Chrissie and Lawrence.

Last week he threw a remote at baby Sebastian in a violent outburst (Credit; ITV)

They’ve promised the exit storyline will be one of the “most intense” the soap has ever seen with the plots running from now until all the characters leave in January.

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Teasing the departure of the Whites, Emmerdale boss Iain MacLeod recently told the TV Times: “We are doing something spectacular in January and the Whites will be a major part of that.

“It’ll be one of the most intense rollercoaster months we’ve ever had.”

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