Bushtucker trial BANNED after being branded offensive

I'm A Celebrity contestants won't be complaining...

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I’m A Celebrity is known for feeding its contestants revolting items in the Bushtucker trials.

However, there has been one grim-looking insect missing from the selection.

Celebrities will be relieved to find out that they will not be facing the disgusting witchetty grub.

The wood-eating moth larvae have been scrapped and not because celebs are finding them too much to handle.

The insect was axed after concerns the challenges could be offensive to aboriginal Australians.

Famous names including survivalist Ray Mears have hit out at the programme over contestants being challenged to eat the insect.

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He has previously said that the fetishising of the consumption of witchetty grubs was “disrespectful of the culture”.

Ray added: “It’s rather like someone coming to Britain and saying, ‘Eating a roast potato, isn’t that weird?’

“The witchetty grub that the aboriginal people depend upon is a vital, important source of protein.

“It was a very important thing and it has a religious significance and so for us to go and make fun of that without showing any kind of respect is very disrespectful.”

I’m A Celebrity must have taken this into account, because the witchetty grub has not been seen this series.

That doesn’t mean contestants will be spared from stomach-churning challenges though.

The show has just celebrated its 300th Bushtucker trial with a knees-up guaranteed to cause a hangover.

Homes Under The Hammer host Martin Roberts went head to head with dancer Ola Jordan and Emmerdale actor Adam Thomas took on comedian Joel Dommett in downing pints of pureed jungle critters.

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Ola downed Special Spew (blended beech worms) and Bodding Tongues, Martin drank Fly Neken (flies and fly pupae) and Sam Mig Hell (blended cockroaches).

Joel knocked back Newcastle Brown Snail and Blood Weiser (blended cow’s heart), and Adam supped on Ham Stel (blended pig’s penis) and Strong Toe (blended camel’s hoof).

As all four contestants accepted their challenges, it came down to a tie break which Adam won after beating Joel to be the first to finish a pint of Claws Light (blended crocodile anus) and Ola was victorious in drinking Baa Ling (blended sheep’s testicles) as her opponent Martin vomited.

It’s been quite the series for controversy over its trials so far.

When I’m A Celebrity viewers watched Adam Thomas face his biggest fears in his first Bushtucker Trial, many found it hilarious, but others were outraged.

The actor had to tackle the Bushtucker Food Factory, which saw him digging through tanks of rotting vegetables, rats and scorpions.

He also came across a box full of spiders – which before he went Down Under, he had hypnotherapy to help him combat his fear.

Although it was quite amusing watching the Emmerdale star perform his own version of the Haka as he jumped around the room, the last section of the trial had everyone’s blood boiling.

In the final room, Adam had to feel his way around in the dark through PIG CARCASSES.

Ant told Adam it was like a “Rocky moment” and the soap star even started punching the dead animals.

The hosts found it absolutely hilarious…

Viewers were livid and took to Twitter to express their anger.

One wrote: “I’m a celebrity has gone too far with some of the s*** this year… Dead pigs hanging and s***.. it’s seriously f***** up. So vile”.

Another added: “Sorry but absolutely disgusting & disrespectful having dead pigs hanging up & someone handling them like that! Vile”.

A viewer even wants to boycott the show: “I think people should start & boycott this show. Dead pigs hanging up is a step too far time to end this c***”.

Do you agree ITV bosses went too far?