Bradley Walsh ticks off contestant on The Chase for breaking the rules – TWICE

Dave seemed unsure of the game's rules

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Host Bradley Walsh, 57, went bants-ballistic in his inimitable style at a contestant on The Chase yesterday after quizzer Dave broke the rules.

Player Dave, 60, made not one but two embarrassing blunders.

Dave made two embarrassing gaffes on the show (Credit: ITV)

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Dave managed to rack up £6,000 in the cash builder round and went on to face Chaser Shaun Wallace, aka The Dark Destroyer.

He was asked: “Which Russian writer said “Medicine is my lawful wife, and literature is my mistress.”

As Dave chose his answer he decided to tell the audience which answer he had gone for.

Dave jumped in saying: “I’m going for Tolstoy.”

Bradley shouted at Dave for breaking the rules (Credit: ITV)

But Bradley wasn’t too happy as he said: “You’re not allowed to tell us what you’re going for.

“You can’t do any of that Dave.

“You’ve just got to press your button, that’s all you’ve got to do.”

But Dave made yet another awkward gaffe after he pressed the button again clearly baffled by the instructions.

Brad shouted: “No, you don’t do it again.

“Why did you just push it when I told you not to do it again and then you did it?”

Viewers were amused by the awkward blunder (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers were amused by the blunder with one writing on Twitter: “Dave is literally SLAMMING his hand down on that buzzer.. calm down #thechase.”

“Dave spent more time looking for the buzzer #thechase,” another joked.

Others weren’t so keen on the hopeful quizzer.

One user added: “Dave on #thechase is the most frustrating person ever.”

One tweeted: “What a plonker #TheChase.”

Meanwhile on the game show viewers blasted a contestant over her “dumb” answer.

Contestant Shauna, who went head-to-head with Chaser Anne Hegerty, was certain the Statue of Liberty was pink.

But the iconic landmark is actually green.


Bradley asked her: “The Statue of Liberty is a pale shade of what colour?”

Shauna shocked fans after claiming the Statue of Liberty is pink (Credit: ITV)

Shauna then had to choose from either pink, brown or green.

Without hesitation Shauna decided to go for pink.

Defending her answer saying: “Isn’t it concrete? I was waiting for grey to come up.

“Pink is my favourite colour so that’s why I chose pink.”

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