BBC heartthrob accused of sexual assault by third woman

His new show has been axed

White Gold actor Ed Westwick has been hit by a third accusation of sexual assault.

Rachel Eck alleges that the British star, 30 – who also appeared in US drama Gossip Girl – “aggressively groped” her in a Hollywood hotel in 2014 after she was introduced to him by her ex-boyfriend, film producer Kaine Harling.

The 26-year-old, who was working as an executive assistant at the time, had just moved to LA when, she says, she got a text message from Harling inviting her to hang out with him and Westwick in their luxury villa at the Sunset Marquis.

Westwick has been accused by three women (Credit: FameFlynet)

She claims that Westwick encouraged her to invite one of her friends to the hotel to spend time with the three of them, but was unable to because it was late and her pals were asleep.

And according to Eck, things took a sinister turn after that. She told BuzzFeed: “When I didn’t bring a girl for him, he turned his sights on me.”

She alleges that over a seven-hour period, the actor made advances towards her on occasions when they were left alone by Harling.

Eck claims that Westwick “would try to kiss me or kind of push me up against the wall,” and then “pulled me onto the bed and aggressively groped me”.

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Finally, she alleges, she decided that enough was enough. She explained: “I shoved him off as quickly as I could and left. I have never felt so uncomfortable in a situation like that in my entire life.”

Eck’s accusations come after two other women claimed this week that they were sexually assaulted by London-born Westwick.

Rachel Eck says she was assaulted in 2014 (Credit: Rachel Eck/Facebook)

Kristina Cohen wrote in a Facebook post that she was dating a film producer who invited her to Westwick’s house.

And she alleged that after going for a nap in the guest room, she awoke to find the actor on top of her. Cohen claimed that he “held me down and raped me”.

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Then another woman, Aurelie Wynn, claimed on Facebook that she, too, had been assaulted by the star following a party in LA.

She wrote: “I said ‘no’ and he pushed me face down and [I] was powerless under his weight.”

Following Cohen and Wynn’s allegations, Westwick took to Twitter to defend himself.

He wrote: “I have never forced myself in any manner, on any woman. I certainly have never committed rape.”

As yet, neither he nor his representative has responded to the latest claims.