Apple Tree Yard shocks viewers in ANOTHER plot twist

Who saw THAT coming?

Viewers have been gripped by BBC drama Apple Tree Yard and the shocking twist revealed in the third episode has everybody on the edge of their seats.

Hurry up finale!

The show started out as being about married scientist Yvonne Carmichael who met a mysterious man, Mark Costley, at the House of Commons and hooked up with him in a broom cupboard almost immediately.

But the series quickly turned very dark as the end of the first episode saw Yvonne raped by work colleague George Selway.

Yvonne and Mark now find themselves on trial for conspiracy to murder.

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And as they were let into court, the shock twist came when it was revealed Mark isn’t a spy as Yvonne believed.

In fact, it turns out, he’s nothing more than a fantasist with a personality disorder.

Mark’s legal team mounted his defence based on diminished responsibility on the grounds of his disorder and claimed he was “mentally unstable”.


Yvonne was already shocked enough at this turn of events, but then she found out that although Mark had applied to MI5 and done all the training, he actually never made it through the interview process, and she was astounded.

“I wasn’t f**king a spook. The spooks didn’t want you,” she raged.

“You always you made yourself mysterious; the phones, the safe house. Why?

“I believed you, everything about you.

“Who are you really? What have I done?”

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Viewers couldn’t believe it either with Gary Fry tweeting:

“Apple Tree Yard is a fantastic series. Ben Chaplin plays Mark Costley so well. Who the hell is he?”

While Morrisassy said: “Oh my good god Apple Tree Yard is one of the most gripping TV series. WHO IS MARK COSTLEY!!!???”

And Shaheen Ashraf asked: “Apple Tree Yard who the heck is Mark??????”

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long to find out exactly what’s been going on. The final episode airs tonight at 9pm on BBC1.

At last we’ll get to see who Mark Costley REALLY is and just why he targeted Yvonne from the start.