Amanda Holden walks around ‘naked’ at home to teach her daughters body confidence

The girls get 'annoyed' by her nakedness!

Amanda Holden has revealed her daughters get annoyed when she walks around the house naked.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge is no stranger to controversy on screen, getting into hot water because of her skimpy outfits on the talent show.

However, at home she takes things to the next level by preferring to shed all of her clothes.

So much so, the 49-year-old star says her daughters are “annoyed” by her nakedness.

Amanda Holden BGT
Amanda says her kids are annoyed by her gallivanting at home (Credit: YouTube)

What did Amanda Holden say about her daughters?

Speaking to The Telegraph’s Stella magazine, Amanda’s clothing habits (or lack of them) constantly cause embarrassment with daughters Lexi, 14, and Hollie, eight.

And it’s not the BGT judge’s revealing outfits on the show that leaves them annoyed.

It’s the fact that she likes to prance around at home completely naked.

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“What really annoys them is that I’m naked at home,” she said.

“Last night I went to say goodnight to Lexie wearing only my shower cap and she screamed: ‘Mum! I’m on FaceTime! Why do you always have to be naked?'”

Amanda Holden
Amanda is trying to teach her daughters about body confidence (Credit: Splash News)

What did Amanda Holden say about body confidence?

Amanda revealed she hopes her nakedness will teach the girls to be body confident.

She said: “It’s so hard for girls now, and if Lexie ever starts a sentence with, ‘Do you think I look f…’, I cut her off with: ‘Do not even say that word in my house.'”

Amanda also revealed that she doesn’t believe in dieting and encourages having that “slice of cake”.

amanda holden cleavage
Amanda’s cleavage-enhancing BGT dress drew plenty of attention – and complaints (Credit: ITV)

How has Amanda Holden got into trouble on BGT?

Early on the 2020 series of BGT, Amanda’s revealing outfits attracted viewers complaints to Ofcom.

She admitted she was baffled by the complaints after sharing a comment on her Instagram page.

Last night I went to say goodnight to Lexie wearing only my shower cap and she screamed: ‘Mum! I’m on FaceTime! Why do you always have to be naked?’

Sharing an image of herself dressed in a lingerie-style gown, she captioned the image: “Just to say this dress got a tiny 136 complaints out of the 896 we apparently got that night.”

“Surely there are more terrible and important things to write about… do you agree?

“I’m baffled why it’s still going on.”

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What else has Amanda been up to?

Amanda’s body confidence and positive affirmations continued when she was praised by fans for encouraging women to get their breasts checked.

She shared a video clip on her Instagram page that showed her undergoing a mammogram.

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She told fans: “My boobs always seem to be in the headlines for silly reasons so I hope that changes today as I document my own mammogram with @thisisheart to highlight that one in eight of us women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during our lifetime.”

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