Disgruntled passengers threaten to boycott airline after it scraps free in-flight Biscoff

Don't mess with the Biscoff brigade…

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With the price of jetting off on holiday getting more and more expensive, we’re increasingly looking to airlines to offer certain perks in return for flying with them.

An extra blanket, being able to use the loo without paying for the privilege and free snacks.

We admit it, we’re easily bought.

However, it appears that some don’t feel quite the same way as us and will not stand for one airline swapping its free in-flight Biscoff for another, clearly inferior, snack.

Passengers said the best thing about the flight was the free Biscoff (Credit: United)

Well that’s exactly what’s happened to American airline United.

It revealed it plans to stop serving passengers free Biscoffs and replace them with Oreo Thins from March 1.

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Free food is always a win in our books, but not so for avid fans of the caramelised biscuit snack.

A rep said: “Our complimentary snack options continue to be a hit and we’re always looking for opportunities to introduce new selections.”

They added: “We plan to add Oreo Thins into the mix soon and look forward to the response from our customers.”

The airline said the Biscoff freebies were being replaced by Oreo Thins (Credit: Oreo)

They’ll be offered to passengers alongside Stroopwafels and pretzels – which are usually so dry that you need to buy another drink just to swallow them.

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To say the news has gone down like a lead balloon would be an understatement, with some Biscoff lovers threatening to stop flying with United altogether.

“This is insane! Leg room is a convenience, but Biscoffs are a necessity. This is unacceptable,” said one frequent flier.

Frequent fliers mounted a bring back Biscoff campaign (Credit: Lotus)

Another added: “Oreos over Biscoff is a betrayal of the highest order.”

“Bring back Biscoff,” snarled another.

This is insane! Leg room is a convenience, but Biscoffs are a necessity. This is unacceptable.

“The Biscoff cookie was the best part of the flight… why… why take away the one thing that makes a flying sardine can tolerable,” said another.

“United dropping #Biscoff in favour of @Oreo is another reason to choose a different airline,” said one.

However, by sheer people power, Biscoff fans have actually managed to change United’s mind – and it revealed the Biscoff cookies will be back on board in late spring.

“Thanks for not getting rid of Biscoff,” said one grateful fan of the biscuits. “I love them!”

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