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Mr Kipling launches chocolate-topped Millionaire Whirls and Brits are ‘racing’ to buy them

They're filled with toffee sauce and salted caramel buttercream

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Mr Kipling really is spoiling us with his latest launch – an upgraded version of the delicious Viennese Whirl.

The new addition to the brand’s Signature Collection of biscuits and cakes sounds pretty special.

It not only features the deliciously moreish shortcake biscuit, but it’s smothered in chocolate!

That’s not all, though, because there’s also good news for caramel fans.

The new cakes are on sale now and look insane (Credit: Mr Kipling)

Mr Kipling launches Millionaire Whirls

The new Deluxe Millionaire Whirls feature “a delicious shortcake biscuit with a generous layer of toffee sauce and salted caramel flavour buttercream, topped with a chocolate-coated shortcake biscuit”.

NewFoodsUK shared a picture of the find on their Instagram page and it was flooded with comments.

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“Now these I’d happily try,” said one soon-to-be fan.

“I’d easily scoff a box of those in one sitting,” said another.

However, before you’re too glutinous, bear in mind the effect each 31g Mr Kipling Millionaire Whirl will have on your waistline.

They contain a whopping 167 calories each!

However, we doubt that’ll deter those looking for a chocolatey, caramel biscuit fix.

We must admit, here at ED!, we’ll be disregarding the calories too!

The delicious new Millionaire Whirls cost £2.25 per pack (Credit: Mr Kipling)

“We have to try them,” said another tagging their pal.

“OMG these look amazing!” declared another.

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“I’ve been saying they should do this for years!” said another.

“Oh my days,” said another, tagging their pal. “It must be found and bought.”

“We must find it, and eat it,” came the reply.

Bake Off treats

Others were planning on getting the sweet treats in to scoff during an episode of the Great British Bake Off.

It airs on Channel 4 next Tuesday (September 22).

“We need to get these one week for Bake Off,” they said.

“This is ridiculous, how can you not buy these,” said another with the love heart eyes emoji.

“Oh wow they look amazing,” their pal concurred.

Where can I get them?

Others only had one thing on their minds – how they could get their hands on them!

“We need to have a race, see who can find them first!” said one, tagging their pal.

NewFoodsUK luckily spilled the beans on where they spotted the new Mr Kipling treats.

You’ll find them on sale now at Tesco. They’re priced at £2.25 per box.

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