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Lindt Lindor Caramel Truffles exist and you can buy them right now at B&M

The stuff dreams are made of!

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Chocolate fans, this is not a drill. A brand-new flavour of Lindt Lindor truffles is now on sale in UK stores.

The news was met with squeals of delight from chocoholics up and down the country.

And the Lindor Caramel truffles are apparently divine.

Lindt Lindor
Lindt Lindor Caramel Truffles are on sale now (Credit: Amazon)

Two of our favourite foodie bloggers broke the news of the precious finds while out shopping over the weekend.

Kev’s Snack Reviews posted: “Lindor Caramel spotted in @bm_stores. Never seen these before!”

New Foods UK also spotted them.

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They posted: “Caramel Lindor now being sold at @bm_stores these are so good!”

The sweets feature the finest Lindt milk chocolate which enrobes the “most irresistibly smooth caramel chocolate filling”.

They’re priced at £3.99 per box and are on sale in B&M now.

“To B&M we must go!” said one soon-to-be fan tagging their pal.

A must for fans of Lindt Lindor truffles

“What’s not to love,” said one tester. “I mean, seriously… milk chocolate and caramel. Yummmmm.”

The perfect amount of yummy. Not too sweet, just right. I promise you will NOT be disappointed.

“I loved the taste of this caramel/chocolate combination and I even licked up the melted ones,” said another.

“Very delicious,” said one fan, who also had a bit of a gripe. “There’s just too few of them in the box!”

“Yum, yummmmm and YUMMY!” said another.

lindt lindor
The new chocolates are “so good” (Credit: Instagram/NewFoodsUK)

“These are the best-tasting creamy caramel-filled chocolates I’ve ever tasted! Seriously WOW!” said another.

They added: “The perfect amount of yummy. Not too sweet, just right. I really can’t explain them well, try them for yourself and see. I promise you will NOT be disappointed.”

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The box of chocolates appear to have previously been on sale in America but have finally made it to UK shores.

“I used to get these from the Lindt store in Florida on holiday to take home. They are good!” confirmed one fan.

Brits can’t wait to try them!

“I bet these are lush,” said one chocolate-loving Brit keen to try them.

“Oh lordy lord,” said another.

Lindt Lindor
The truffles look like the stuff dreams are made of (Credit: NewFoodsUK)

“OMG behave! These will be the stuff actual dreams are made of,” said another.

“I saw these the other day and didn’t buy them and totally regretted it!!” exclaimed another.

“A couple of my friends have said how good these are,” said another.

BRB, just off to B&M…!

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