halloween Jammie dodger

Halloween Jammie Dodgers go on sale at B&M and they’re filled with green apple ‘slime’

And they only cost 49p a packet!

Halloween Jammie Dodgers have gone on sale at B&M and they are filled with oozing green “slime”.

Sweet Reviews UK posted the find to Instagram and the post was soon flooded with comments.

“OMG yum!” said one soon-to-be fan.

“Got to try these!” said another.

We must admit, they do appear to be more treat than trick as October 31 approaches.

halloween Jammie dodger
Halloween Jammie Dodgers are on sale now (Credit: Instagram/SweetReviewsUK)

Halloween Jammie Dodgers on sale now

Posting three pictures of the biscuits to Instagram, Sweet Reviews UK said: “This has been a hard review for us as we aren’t sure how much you can critique a product that is only 49p?!”

Of the Gooey Apple Slime Edition Jammie Dodgers, they added: “It’s an absolute bargain!”

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The review continued: “We really liked the idea of an apple-flavoured jam as it’s something a bit different to the mainstream same old flavours we are seeing appearing on the market. ⠀

“We also think they look great for Halloween. They really look like slime!” the post added.

They’re a great product if you’re looking for some Halloween-inspired treats for a small family get together.

However, then came the somewhat disappointing news: “For us though the most important part, the apple flavour, just wasn’t there!

“It just tasted like sweet jam with a tiny hint of green apple but we really had to search hard to even pick out any resemblance of a flavour.”

The review concluded: “So they’re a great product if you’re looking for some Halloween-inspired treats for a small family get together. Not so great if you love apple-flavoured products.”

halloween Jammie dodger
The biscuits ooze green goo (Credit: Instagram/SweetReviewsUK)

What do Jammie Dodger fans say about the biscuits?

However, that didn’t deter a lot of Jammie Dodger fans.

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“Need to find these!” said one.

Another commented: “I like the sound of these!”

A third said: “They are different!”

“OMG I’ve never seen these!” another added.

halloween Jammie dodger
What’s more, they only cost 49p a packet (Credit: Instagram/SweetReviewsUK)

Others commented with several of the drooling emojis.

Where can I get them – and how much?

If you want to get your hands on them, pop along to your local B&M store and prepare to get a packet of biscuits and change from 50p!

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