Blossom Hill’s ‘delicious’ Gin Fizz range will now be available in £2.50 cans

Perfect for a cheeky tipple!

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After the success of its bottles of Gin Fizz that launched last summer, wine makers Blossom Hill has announced a new addition to the range.

From March, you’ll also be able to get the fizzy gin/wine hybrid in a can. Perfect for a cheeky tipple!

It’s a move that Blossom Hill hopes will attract customers who don’t usually venture down the wine aisle at the supermarket.

One look at the pretty cans and we’re sold.

The rhubarb-flavoured Gin Fizz will soon be on sale in cans (Credit: Blossom Hill)

Gin Fizz, the “botanical-infused” Blossom Hill spin-off, will be available in Tesco stores this March, The Grocer reports.

You’ll be able to buy it in 200ml cans (both 8.5% abv) in two flavours – Lemon & Rosemary and Rhubarb.

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The new Gin Fizz tins will cost £2.50 each and offer a much more portable solution than the 75cl bottles of the booze, which retail at about £9.

Treasury Wine Estates, which owns Blossom Hill, said it hoped the new launch would “reach new consumers who don’t necessarily shop down in the wine aisle”.

There’s also a Gin Fizz Lemon & Rosemary can launching (Credit: Blossom Hill)

The drink is a blend of wine, botanical-infused water and a dash of gin and features the same winning flavours as its bigger siblings.

Both flavours are said to be best enjoyed poured over ice, served with a simple garnish such as a slice of lemon or orange.

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When the new drinks launched last year, they took social media by storm, with one user branding them the “perfect” barbecue drink.

Waaait… Blossom Hill does Giin Fizz? How did I miss this?!

“This is on another level of need. Looks like the perfect bbq drink to me!” they said.

“We know that gin is booming and that people are looking for refreshment and convenience from their drinks purchases,” said a rep.

“With Blossom Hill’s Gin Fizz we have developed a product that responds to this need,” they added.

It follows the success of the Gin Fizz bottles which launched last summer (Credit: Blossom Hill)

“The Blossom Hill Rhubarb Gin Fizz looks so delicious,” said one fan on Twitter.

Another added: “Waaait… Blossom Hill does Giin Fizz? How did I miss this?! *runs off to shop to look for it* Rhubarb gin is my favourite.”

So my nan purchased the Blossom Hill Gin Fizz for me, and you know what? It’s f**king delicious.”

With reviews like that for the bottles, we expect the new cans will go down a storm!

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