baileys profiteroles

Baileys Profiteroles go on sale at Asda and Brits say they’re ‘truly addictive’

The stuff 'dreams are made of'

Baileys Profiteroles have been spotted on sale at Asda and Brits are thrilled.

The seasonal dessert was on sale this time last year and its return surely signals the start of the Christmas festivities.

Filled with a Baileys-flavoured filling and a “salted caramel core”, it’s easy to see why they’ve been called the stuff “dreams are made of”.

NewFoodsUK posted news of the item’s return to Instagram.

baileys profiteroles
Baileys Profiteroles are back in store now (Credit: Instagram/NewFoodsUK)

Baileys Profiteroles are back

In a post over the weekend, they said: “Baileys Profiteroles are back!!”

The post showed the box of profiteroles in the freezer aisle and quickly garnered around 2,000 likes and quite a few drooling comments.

“OMG!” said one Baileys fan.

“Asda trip next week?” another asked a pal.

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“What dreams are made of!” another declared.

And, if you’re a fan of Baileys, chocolate and salted caramel, they’re not wrong.

I took four out to defrost, then another four as these were demolished within seconds, now I wonder if the last four will survive the night.

“Choux pastry with a Baileys-flavoured creamy filling and a salted caramel core with a salted chocolate-flavoured coating,” the product description reads.

It added: “Unleash a truly indulgent taste experience with the combination of choux pastry filled with fresh cream and the smooth taste of Baileys.”

baileys profiteroles
They feature a Baileys-flavoured cream and a salted caramel core (Credit: Tesco)

What do those who’ve tried them say?

But if that’s not enough to tempt you, we’ve dug up a few reviews of the Baileys Profiteroles from last year.

“These are very moreish and I happily eat straight from the freezer when the craving becomes too strong,” declared one fan.

“So divine and worth every penny,” said another. “I took four out to defrost, then another four as these were demolished within seconds, now I wonder if the last four will survive the night.”

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Another said: “I bought these as I wanted a treat. But I hadn’t realised they were so good. These are absolutely gorgeous with a rich salted caramel kick fuelled by the taste of Baileys.”

They added: “The chocolate coating adds an extra dimension to your experience followed by buttery caramel. Truly addictive to eat. I’m ruined now!”

Where can I get them?

Well, if you fancy picking up a new addiction, head to Asda now. NewFoodsUK tells us they’re on sale for £3 for a box of 12, so what are you waiting for?

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