NEW suspect in the frame for Ken Barlow’s attack in Corrie

Who did it?

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It’s the question on every Corrie fan’s lips at the moment: who pushed Ken Barlow down the stairs?

The show has lined up six suspects – Adam Barlow, Tracy Barlow, Peter Barlow, Daniel Osbourne, Sinead Tinker, and Pat Phelan, but now it seems another name is in the frame.

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Fans think that crazy Chloe was actually the one who attacked Ken to get Peter into trouble! Stranger things have happened.

Phelan has now been ruled out of the running, given he has a solid alibi, but the others are still looking very suspicious.

Chloe has been obsessed with Peter for a while now, and has tried everything in her power to get him into her bed. But despite a spot of inappropriate flirting, and rushing round to be her knight in shining armour when she lied she was being stalked, Peter’s not taken a bite.

He’s so far stayed faithful to girlfriend Toyah and Chloe isn’t impressed by that. She turned up on the street, put an offer in to buy the Rovers and then decided to mess with his life even more.

She told Ken that Peter was cheating with her, and that he was back on the booze. Ken believed every word she said and reported straight back to Toyah.

On the night of Ken’s attack, Peter claims he was visiting Chloe to get her to tell the truth about her lies, but that she cut herself and threatened to tell the police he assaulted her.

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And on Friday’s episode of Corrie, she did just that. Her actions left viewers in no doubt that she was the one with something to hide.

Sharing their theories on Twitter, they’re convinced she’s the one who attacked Ken and not any of his family members.

It’s an interesting theory. And it wouldn’t be the first time Soapland have tricked fans by giving out a list of suspects for a crime and it not actually being one of them who did it – remember ‘who killed Lucy Beale?’ Bobby Beale wasn’t even mentioned as a possible!

So could Chloe really have done it to get the ultimate revenge on Peter?