GMB viewers shocked at child singer with a full face of make-up on

Host Piers Morgan defended Reuben de Maid's look

Good Morning Britain had a young guest on their show today, but he wasn’t just anybody.

Reuben de Maid, from Llandaff in Wales, is a 12-year-old singer with a difference.

He has been compared to US pop star Adam Lambert and even appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show after Ellen fell in love with him.

However, the youngster has been constantly bullied and suffered from online abuse because he wears make-up.

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Sitting on the GMB sofa alongside Richard Arnold, he told hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid that all he can do is just laugh it off.

He said: “Because I’m quite different from everyone else – I don’t know why people decide to be mean to me.

“Someone the other day made an account on Instagram [which was like] ‘Reuben is stupid’.

“It’s not a thing I get sad by [sic], I laugh.”

Opening up about his experience at school, the tween said that he was bullied and had even been hit.

“It was at drama school and someone from the area was like hitting me and calling me names”, he said.

Piers showed that he does have a heart, and said that the bullies and trolls are just “jealous” of his talent.

Twitter users shared their opinions on Reuben and his heavily made-up face.

Some stuck up for him, while others said that he shouldn’t be wearing any at all.

One said: “Call me old fashioned by why is that young boy Reuben wearing a ridiculous amount of make up? #OTT #GMB”

“What’s with the little boy in stage make up on @GMB? It’s weird”, said another disapproving viewer at home.

A third added: “#gmb little boy with make up on what are his parents thinking of disgusting [sic]”.

However, most people praised Reuben for being open and honest with himself.

One said: “You’ll have the last laugh Reuben when you’re rich & famous & the bullies are flipping burgers in Macdonalds. You’re amazing #gmb”.

Another described him as “brave” and said that he should ignore the haters.

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Hear, hear!

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