Emmerdale fans divided as Rebecca makes another shock revelation

Is Robert really that evil?

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Emmerdale viewers weren’t happy with the latest twist in the Robert Sugden/Aaron Dingle/Rebecca White baby drama.

Rebecca revealed earlier this week she was pregnant with Robert’s baby, but that’s not the only shock she had in store.

It turns out this is the SECOND time Robert has got Rebecca pregnant – and last time he forced her to have an abortion.

As the pair met up at the Mill in secret to discuss the unplanned baby, Robert made his feelings on the situation perfectly clear. He is not interested in having this baby.

“I can’t keep pretending it’s Ross’s,” Rebecca cried.

“You won’t need to, not if you get rid of it,” Robert replied. Rebecca looked horrified, explaining it wasn’t that easy as Ross would find out.

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“Tell him you had a miscarriage, I’m pretty sure at this stage is it that easy,” Robert spat at her.

“It wasn’t, the last time you forced me to have an abortion.” WHAT?! Robert got Rebecca pregnant before?

He insisted they’d agreed never to speak of that time again, but after telling him it took her a long time to get over it, he nastily claimed he hadn’t given it a second thought.

He continued to insult her, calling her easy and saying he only slept with her when he was bored. Then he threatened she’d regret it if she even thought about telling Aaron.

“Get booked in and let me know when it’s done,” were his parting words.

What a nasty piece of work.

Predictably, Twitter went wild with viewers expressing their feelings on the revelation. And fans were completely divided, with some crying out in horror at how the show has sent Robert back to his evil ways.

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While others called out Rebecca herself for her behaviour and for playing the victim in the whole sorry mess.

The episode ended with Rebecca telling Robert she was booking an appointment the next day.

But then when she saw Aaron and Robert looking cosy, she looked at the glass of wine she was drinking because she was supposedly getting rid of the baby so it didn’t matter whether she had alcohol, and decided not to drink it.

Is this a sign she’s actually not going to go through with the abortion? If it affected her as much as she says it did last time, surely the second time will be even worse?

And if she keeps the baby, what does this mean for Robron’s relationship?