EastEnders SPOILER: Whitney confesses her kiss with Mick

But who will she reveal the truth to?

Whitney Carter is set to confess her kiss with father-in-law Mick, but who does she tell – and how will her admission go down?

It’s not exactly been a honeymoon period for newlyweds Whitney and Lee who have struggled with his problems since they said I do.

Not even Whitney’s brush with death in the dramatic bus crash has made Lee appreciate his wife, and he’s still making her life miserable.

Having discovered Lee’s not earning anywhere near what he claims to be, Whit has kept it to herself to avoid making him feel even worse about himself.

But at the end of her tether over her husband’s behaviour she seeks advice from best friend, Lauren.

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As the put upon wife opens up about everything that’s been going on, will she also confess she snogged Mick while she was recovering in hospital?

So far, only Denise knows the truth about Mick and Whitney’s kiss, but Mick insisted it was just the heat of the moment and a spot of comfort taken too far.

Whatever Whitney confides in Lauren, her best friend certainly has some home truths for her after she’s finished telling her tale, so maybe she has admitted her mistake?

Taking Lauren’s words to heart, Whitney heads home to be honest with her husband – is she planning on telling him all about the kiss too?

As she confronts him over the payslips she found, he opens up about how hard he’s finding work. Whit is desperate to perk him up, so she scrabbles around trying to sort some money for him to let his hair down.

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Pretending to her hubby that Bianca sent them the cash to have a night out, she persuades his mate Beanbag to take Lee out and have a good time.

It’s not looking promising when Beanbag cancels, but Whitney’s not having that and pleads with him to turn up.

Eventually their night of fun kicks off in The Vic, but with Lee still despondent, Whitney’s forced to come up with another new plan.

Will anything work? Or will she find herself back in Mick’s comforting arms before too long?