EastEnders SPOILER: Fresh woes for poor Mick Carter

Seriously, give the man a break!

If ever there was a question over how much more one man can take it’s EastEnders Mick Carter.

He’s had everything thrown at him over the last few months, but life isn’t going to get any easier when a new shock sends him into a spin.

It all started when Lee Carter robbed the pub and got himself into loads of debt.

Caring father Mick bailed him out, but got himself into a mess in the process.

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With Lee now scarpered and Mick’s wife, Linda, away caring for her sick mother Elaine, Mick’s trying to deal with his mounting money troubles alone.

A recent poker night saw him lose out to Jack Branning, and with the roof of the pub leaking in two different places, and Mick unable to pay Konrad for the repairs he started doing, things are looking bleaker than ever.

He’s not giving up just yet though and rallies his family to try and make things better.

At first, there’s a positive energy flying about as the clan pull together in their time of need and try to change their fortunes around.

But another shock lies just around the corner and it soon all becomes too much for Mick.

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Forced to face the heartache head on, he knows he has to deal with the reality of what his future holds.

It’s a blow for him, but can his family help him through this latest situation?

They’re certainly determined to try and as they set about organising a St Patrick’s Day party, Johnny hits on a potential new way to save some money.

But is it too little too late? Can the Carters be saved?

Or are they about to lose everything – including Mick?