Ant and Dec slammed by Australian politician after ‘insulting’ joke

Senator James McGrath has demanded an apology

Ant and Dec head to Oz every year to host I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, but they may not be invited back with such a warm welcome in future years.

The Geordie duo have sparked a diplomatic row after calling Australians “uncouth layabouts who rarely wash”.

Oh dear!

Dec introduced a segment of the show saying: “As you know this job is about ruling over a group of uncouth layabouts who rarely wash and can barely light a fire”.

Ant then added: “Basically it’s like being the Australian Prime Minister.”

Australians are furious and are demanding an apology, while numerous politicians have slammed the pair.

In fact, Senator James McGrath – who represents the state of Queensland and is Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister – has spoken out.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid chatted to James on Good Morning Britain.

Piers opened the show with a video clip of the hosts, with a quip: “It’s not funny, we mustn’t laugh at Australians.”

James, who was also deputy campaign director to Boris Johnson, didn’t hold back: “Maybe they’re looking in the mirror. That’s a bit rich coming from a pair of TV presenters.

“I wonder what was the last book they read that didn’t need crayons.

“They’re a pair of wusses, they should probably think about apologising.

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“They’re in the jungle, a snake could bite them and someone would have to suck the poison out of their bums.”

Piers pointed out that there has always been some sense of banter between Aussies and Brits, and McGrath told him: “You never ever let your enemy breathe. We love Brits coming over here. They can use our showers and baths which they don’t have a chance to use in their own country.

“You can clean yourselves up and we send you back home with your hair cut and smelling nice.

“But when you’re over here, jeez you’re in the jungle! It’s full of snakes, spiders and creepy crawlies. You wanna be nice to Australians, nine out of ten of the most poisonous snakes are in Australia.

“We’ve got spiders that hide under your dunny seats that come out and bite you on the bottom when you’re trying to go to the loo.”

When asked if the duo should be deported, James answered: “I don’t think they should be deported, but I’d like to see them do a bit of work. They’re a bit pasty, they need some Aussie sun.

“They can come and mow my lawn, do some physical labour. They need to get manly hands, I’m not saying they’ve got lady hands but I’m pretty sure they use moisturiser.”

James isn’t the only high-profile Aussie to slam Ant and Dec, entertainer Roland Roccichiolli added: “Australians are drunks and layabouts and they don’t wash?

“We invented the shower! Australians invented it. When I first started going to England, there was no air conditioning and no shower.”

He wasn’t finished, Roland continued: “I did see a photograph of Ant smoking. You’d have to be an idiot to smoke wouldn’t you?

“It was such a silly comment to make. I think it is disrespectful, and I thought it’s ill-bred. I would never go to England and make a comment like that.

“I think they’re loose-lipped anyway. If you watch them on the television it’s what I call smart alec television. They’re really loose-lipped and quick witted and sometimes the mouth goes into action before the mind goes into gear.”

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Another MP, George Christensen added: “It’s a bit daft to be in our country and be making remarks like that.

“I think most British folk would understand, we do love a drink, that’s for sure. But we do wash as well.”

A show source said: “The comment was made in jest to the Australian crew in a lighthearted tone that viewers would recognise as being a long established part of the past 15 years of IAC and was delivered in that spirit.”

That’s alright then!