Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield

This Morning viewers accuse show of ‘featuring cheap news’ to fill the gap left by Jeremy Kyle

Is the show getting 'more and more ridiculous'?

This Morning has come under fire for becoming “more and more ridiculous” and featuring “cheap news” to fill the gap left by The Jeremy Kyle Show.

The criticism came on Wednesday (July 3), when hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby interviewed controversial plastic surgery addict Martina Big.

We have backache just looking at her boobs (Credit: ITV)

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Martina appeared on the show to discuss why she wants the “biggest breasts in the world”.

One of This Morning‘s most talked about guests ever, Martina hit the headlines all over the world when she claimed she had changed her race to become a black woman with the help of tanning injections.

She is also planning her next operation to have the biggest boobs in the world – she is currently four inches away from taking the title.

Phillip did not know where to look when Martina appeared on the show (Credit: ITV)

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Those watching from home slammed the show for featuring Martina as a guest, with some believing Martina could be mentally ill.

One fan wrote: “What you should cover is human interest and helpful stories. Not cheap news filling the gap of the Kyle show. This isn’t helpful to anyone – you’re just giving people a platform to showboat.

“Seriously think about your format before you’re taken off air too!!”


Another agreed, typing: “Think This Morning needs a new producer. This show is getting more and more ridiculous.”

A third added: “Totally irresponsible to keep giving airtime to this woman, who clearly has mental health issues!”

“This woman is clearly mentally ill,” declared another. “Nobody can change their race and nobody with sense wants breasts out of all proportion to their body. Other than to highlight her as a warning to others, there is no journalistic value in giving air-time to such a disturbed individual.”

Another said: “Why do you continue to have such controversial and ridiculous guests???? Talk about gutter press!!!!”

Martina Big This Morning
Martina has 6,300 litres of saline pumped into each boob (Credit: ITV)

One more disgruntled ITV viewer said: “What with this and all the Love Island crap, we will be switching off.”

Another said the show had “hit a new low enabling someone with body dysmorphia”, while one said This Morning “should be wise and mature enough to not have her on the programme”.

The Jeremy Kyle Show was also accused of featuring vulnerable people on the show, before it was axed earlier this year.

The ITV tabloid-style series was hurriedly taken off air after the shocking news that a contestant had taken his own life after appearing on the show.

Many viewers expressed their relief that the show had been axed, while others launched a petition for it to return.

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