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Tuesday 25th February 2020

This Morning guest with two vaginas reveals 'devastating' struggle to become a mum

She eventually gave birth to a 'miracle' baby

A guest on This Morning opened up about struggling to have a baby because she was born with two vaginas.

Eleanor Rowe, 36, really wanted to try for a baby but doctors told her it would be almost impossible for her to conceive.

Appearing on today's (23.10.19) episode alongside Dr Zoe Williams, Eleanor explained that her problem wasn't conceiving but carrying a baby.

Around one in 3,000 people are born with some form of the condition (Credit: ITV)

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When she was in her early 30s, she decided to freeze her eggs as she was single and still looking for the right partner.

Co-host Eamonn Holmes told viewers: "Eleanor was born with two wombs, two cervixes and two vaginas. So that's the really different bit. You were told that, physiologically, you were really different."

But Eleanor insisted she had no idea anything was amiss.

She said: "I wasn't aware of that. It was only during that process of egg freezing that I actually had an ultrasound, which revealed that I had the two wombs.

Externally, everything was always completely normal for me.

"It was something I was never aware of throughout my life. I had various symptoms that were dismissed a little bit by doctors."

She went on to reveal her surprise at being told she was different, adding: "It was very shocking because, externally, everything was always completely normal for me."

Dr Zoe explained that the condition is called uterus didelphys and though not well known, is not as rare as viewers might think.

She explained that as many as one in 3000 people are born with some form of it, although Eleanor's particular variant is more like one in a million.

Eleanor always had no idea she was different (Credit: ITV)

Despite the risks, Eleanor did try for a baby with her now-husband and managed to conceive in her right womb, which she said was the "inferior" of the two".

Sadly they lost the child, as Eleanor explained: "[It was] obviously a devastating thing to go through. Even though we knew to prepare for the worst, I think nothing actually prepares you for a loss."

Several months later she got pregnant again, this time in her left womb, and was referred to a high-risk unit. Doctors also put her on medication every day to prevent early labour and had her constantly monitored.

Eleanor's partner, Chris, then came into the studio carrying their baby girl, Imogen.

Eleanor's husband brought out their miracle baby, Imogen (Credit: ITV)

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Eamonn said: "Chris, she is your miracle baby, is she not?"

Chris agreed, beaming, and Eleanor told Eamonn and his co-host Ruth Langsford: "That's exactly why we wanted to share this story. To let people know that if you're told you're unlikely to have a baby, or anyone who's struggling with fertility issues, that sometimes you can beat the odds."

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