Loose Women viewers ‘disgusted’ as the panellists ‘glorify’ alcohol

Could you be with a partner who doesn't drink?

Viewers of Loose Women have expressed their “disgust” with the panel today, accusing them of “glorifying” alcohol.

On Thursday (November 21), Jane Moore, Christine Lampard, Rochelle Humes and Nadia Sawalha discussed whether they were “alcohol compatible”.

Loose Women alcohol discussion
Would you get together with someone who didn’t drink alcohol? (Credit: ITV)

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And, in a confession that shocked many viewers, several of the panellists admitted they would “struggle” being in a relationship with a man who didn’t drink booze.

Nadia, whose husband Mark Adderley doesn’t drink alcohol, said it “wasn’t easy”.

Jane and Christine appeared to imply that an alcohol-free partner would have a negative effect on their relationships.

Nadia’s husband Mark has been 15-years sober (Credit: ITV)

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The discussion came after reports that we tend to pick mates with the same gene variant linked to drinking habits.

Loose Women, I’m disgusted how you’re glorifying drinking alcohol.

Christine said she and husband Frank enjoy alcohol when their busy schedules allow it, saying: “We both equally get excited and we’re on completely the same level.

“But if it was just me that wanted a glass of something and he didn’t, that would really change our relationship.”

Did they glorify alcohol? (Credit: ITV)

When Nadia asked if she would have been “put off” him if he were sober when they met, Christine replied: “Yeah probably yes.”

Nadia, in turn, admitted that living with a recovering alcoholic was “not easy”.

She said: “In my heart of hearts, there is a bit of putting up with it. It’s not easy but, the way that I see it is, it keeps him alive.

“But it doesn’t mean that it’s totally easy. If you’ve had a stressful day and you have those first few sips of wine.”

Meanwhile, Rochelle said she wasn’t sure it would affect her.

Viewers at home were raging with the discussion, with one writing: “Honestly cannot believe what I am hearing on Loose Women.

“To define who and what a relationship may be, because a person doesn’t choose to drink alcohol! It says more about you as a person, than it does them!”

Another said: “I truly don’t understand the obsession with alcohol. I find it worrying that it seems like every presenter from This Morning to Loose Women seems so focused on booze. To not date a non-drinker or to find them less attractive because they are teetotal is so weird.”

A third added: “2019 and there’s still the stigma that, just because you don’t drink alcohol, you’re boring or don’t know how to relax #LooseWomen.”

“Loose Women, I’m disgusted how you’re glorifying drinking alcohol. It can cause epilepsy, depression, domestic violence. Shame on you!” said one more, while another said: “They pretty much said it would be the end of their relationship if their partner stopped drinking. Wow…”

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