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Saturday 24th August 2019

Charlotte Hawkins cringes as Richard Madeley shares 'saucy' bedroom secret on GMB

He's causing 'controversy' as he stands in for Piers Morgan

Richard Madeley surprised his co-hosts on today's Good Morning Britain by giving away too much information about his bedroom habits.

Standing in for Piers Morgan, who will continue to be absent from the breakfast show this week while he's in America, Richard made Charlotte Hawkins cringe when he made his shocking confession - he wears socks in bed.

The 61-year-old father-of-two, who used to present This Morning with his wife Judy Finnigan, made the revelation as the panel discussed their tips on how to get a better night's sleep.

Charlotte Hawkins cringed as Richard Madeley told his co-hosts how he wears socks in bed (Credit: ITV)

Richard admitted: "A tip I was told which I have tried recently is to wear socks in bed, as it's meant to make you go to sleep more quickly."

"You saucy devil," Richard Arnold joked as he joined the presenters to discuss the latest entertainment news.

It's not the best look though really is it? Sorry!

The conversation then got even more saucy as Richard's co-host Ranvir Singh, who is standing in for Susanna Reid this week, asked him: "Just socks?"

Richard replied: "I wasn't going to go there! I did try it though and I did drop off more quickly. You do feel a bit silly wearing socks in bed!"

Ranvir, standing in for Susanna Reid, asked Richard if socks were all he wore in bed (Credit: ITV)

Charlotte Hawkins, who could be seen cringing beside Richard with her head in her hand as he made the revelation, agreed.

"It's not the best look though really is it? Sorry!" she said.

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Meanwhile, Richard also caused 'controversy' by comparing Gemma Collins' recent fall at the Teen Awards to the time his wife inadvertently flashed her bra at the National TV Awards.

Back in 2001, Judy suffered a wardrobe malfunction and her top fell down as she and Richard presented an award.

Richard said: "Gemma will never live this down as Judy never has after her awards mishap. She didn't even know it had happened at the time."

Richard then joked about the time his wife had a wardrobe malfunction while presenting an award on TV (Credit: ITV)

He then joked: "John Leslie had to come and help. It's the first time John Leslie had helped a woman back into a dress."

Some viewers thought it wasn't appropriate for Richard to mention the former Blue Peter presenter.

John Leslie fell from grace after he was accused of sexual abuse. All charges against him were later dropped but his career never recovered.

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Richard will be standing in for Piers this week while the usual presenters take a half term break.