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Monday 24th September 2018

EastEnders SPOILER: Love at last for Robbie Jackson - but who with?

He's been searching for so long

You know when something is so, so obvious, you really kick yourself for not thinking of it sooner? That's basically how we felt when we heard the news of a potential romance between Robbie Jackson and Donna Yates.

The unlucky-in-love pair would make such a good couple - and, remember all that drama when Robbie kicked her off her usual pitch in the market - sexual tension, we're telling you.

Yep, we approve of this pairing (Credit: BBC)

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Anyway, next week it looks like love may indeed be on the cards for Robbie and Donna - or Dobbie as they shall be known should they get together - when she demands he takes her on a date.

She's demanding like that, our Donna.

Market inspector Robbie decides to have a crack at this online dating thing that's obviously worked out so well for Michelle Fowler and Ben Mitchell recently.

But as he dips his toes into the murky waters of dating apps, could the true love of his life actually be much closer to home?

Clue - it usually is in EastEnders.

Robbie hasn't had much luck in the love department (Credit: BBC)

When Robbie lands himself a date, Donna mercilessly winds him up about it, adding to his already considerable anxiety about putting himself back out there.

But when he gets unexpectedly stood up, she's on hand to cheer him up and tells him he can take her out instead.

Lucky Robbie.

Later though, Rob gets a second chance with his internet date, leaving Donna determined to cause mischief and trouble for her lovelorn colleague.

Donna has had equally rubbish luck (Credit: BBC)

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Is all this banter leading up to something big between them?

Let's hope so! It would be nice to see some smiles on those miserable mugs.