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Friday 17th August 2018

Did last night's Coronation Street drop a huge clue about who Phelan's next victim will be

Not another one!

Corrie fans think they've worked out who evil builder Pat Phelan's next victim is going to be after last night's dramatic double-bill.

Viewers became concerned for the project manager of the Mill building site, Mona, after she told Phelan he needed to have to lake near the site drained within six weeks.

If looks could kill... (Credit: ITV)

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Obviously this is bad news for Pat as he currently has two dead bodies rotting away in the water.

And Phelan's mortal enemy, Gary Windass, spotted the look of terror on Pat's face as he heard the bad tidings.

Is this the beginning of the end for the Street's resident psycho?

If I was Mona I wouldn't rattle Pat Phelan's cage or she might be going for a permanent swim!

It could be, but Corrie fans think he's got at least one more murder in him before he gets his long overdue comeuppance.

And they think it's going to be poor Mona who meets her maker at Phelan's murderous hands.

Fans think Mona could be joining Andy and Vinny (Credit: ITV)

"LMAO Phelan will kill this Mona woman una," predicted one viewer, while another agreed, adding: "Mona's next for the Phelan high jump then!"

A third advised Mona not to wind the builder up too much, saying: "If I was Mona I wouldn't rattle Pat Phelan's cage or she might be going for a permanent swim!"

And a fourth predicted: "I think it's time for Phelan to bump off  project manager mona before it's too late!"

The lake is currently housing the bodies of Andy Carver and Vinny Ashford and - considering they've been swimming with the fishes since October - getting them out and dumping them somewhere else isn't going to be a very pretty job.

As well as those two, Phelan's also responsible for the death of mechanic Luke Britton who came dangerously close to finding out Pat's grisly secret after trying to track down Andy.

He's also behind Anna Windass currently serving five years for pushing Seb Franklin off a ladder, which of course she didn't.

Other fans think Phelan could kill Nicola (Credit: ITV)

Other Corrie fans worry that Phelan will target his own daughter Nicola when he finds out she's secretly housing Seb and plotting to bring him down, with Gary.

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Will Pat kill again? Only time will tell...

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