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Monday 24th September 2018

Naga Munchetty takes to Twitter to apologise for yet another mistake

Back to school for you, Naga!

She sets her alarm for the crack of dawn each morning thanks to her job on BBC Breakfast.

But perhaps Naga Munchetty, 42, needs to bring that clock into work with her after suffering a rather embarrassing gaffe on Thursday morning.

While most of us learn to master telling the time as kids, it seems like Naga may need a refresher course after getting herself all confused while reading the studio clock.

Naga didn't quite get it right (Credit: BBC)

With the digital display on screen reading 7.57am, fans were a tad baffled when Naga told them: "It's three minutes to seven."

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Then, not realising her mistake, she even repeated it!

"Three minutes to seven is the time," she said. "Well, it will be in about one second."

Should have gone to Specsavers!

May want to check again, Naga...

Naturally, viewers were a) bemused as to whether their own alarms had gone off early b) tickled at her failure to read a clock and c) a tad annoyed they had missed out on an extra hour in bed!


Taking it all in good humour, former Strictly Come Dancing contestant Naga took to Twitter after the show to apologise for her blunder.

Of course, that tweet led to even more merriment among fans, with many replying to Naga when they read it to tell her she was wrong again.

Naughty fans bombarded her with messages saying that, nope, it was 9am, 4pm... you get the picture!

Dan was left red-faced in September (Credit: BBC)

Of course, it's not the first BBC Breakfast apology we've had recently.

Naga's co-host Dan Walker was left famously red-faced in September after getting tongue-tied while trying to say the sentence "that was a mixture of country and culture".

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It led him to accidentally replace the L in "culture" with an N and, well, you know...

Dan tweeted about the gaffe with a string of embarrassed face emojis and the message: "Culture, culture, culture #Ooops”.

Oops indeed!