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Monday 24th September 2018

Viewers left stunned by Bradley's reaction to rude answer on The Chase

And even the contestants were unable to resist the giggles

Bradley Walsh is known for getting the giggles while on the job, so how he kept a straight face during a recent episode of The Chase is anyone's guess.

And 53-year-old contestant Chris from Leeds only just managed to do the same thing.

It all started innocently enough when host Bradley asked Chris: "What was the first Eric Hill book to feature Spot the Dog?"

The question seemed innocuous at first (Credit: ITV)

But as soon as the answer options were revealed, it was obvious someone in the questions department was having a cheeky laugh at the contestant's expense.

The sales manager was left with three answers to pick from: "Hot Spot, Where's Spot? and Gee, Spot!"

As Bradley read out the third answer, Chris nearly lost his cool.

Chris from Leeds couldn't believe the third answer option (Credit: ITV)

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The crowd were left in gales of laughter, and even The Sinnerman himself, Paul Sinha, seemed to be suppressing a smirk.

The joke wasn't missed by anyone (Credit: ITV)

Amused fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the cheeky joke, with many lauding Bradley Walsh for managing to keep a straight face.

What was the first Eric Hill book to feature Spot the Dog?

And one even attempted a cheeky gag of his own, using the show's answer option as an inspiration.

However, after spending just a few seconds deliberating - and a few more laughing - Chris was able to get the right answer and keep The Sinnerman off his tail.

It all became a bit too much for Chris (Credit: ITV)

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And Bradley was able to give Chris a handshake - no doubt for keeping a straight face as well as getting the right answer - before sending him back to his team.

Bradley managed to keep his cool (Credit: ITV)

If the producers really are trying to stitch Bradley up by making him laugh, this was a mighty fine effort - but it seems he's been working on his poker face!