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YOU season 3: Ending explained as Love and Joe’s marriage turns deadly

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**Warning: Major You season 3 spoilers ahead** 

Oh Joe – you may be incredibly good looking, but by god you’re a psychopath. 

The Netflix serial killer series proved to be as bonkers as ever for its third outing, with Joe (Penn Badgley) finding his perfect match in Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti). 

But, seeing as Love is just as unhinged as him, a perfect match does not equal a happy ending. 

Things were never going to end well – but season three threw in some seriously twisted moments right til the end. 

And with season four confirmed and on the way, it’s just about to get creepier. 

Here’s everything you need to know. 


Joe - YOU Netflix
Joe’s lies catch up with him by the season’s end (Credit: Netflix)

You season 3: Ending explained

So, throughout You season 3, we see that Joe and Love’s marriage is, essentially, built on violence and lies. 

Bonded by their baby Henry, they are hanging on by a thread in the suburbs, hiding their true selves behind a white picket fence. 

Joe starts falling for Marienne, his boss at the library – and starts to plan his way out. 

Which would be easier if his wife wasn’t a raging psychopathic killer who had already killed the neighbour for kissing him. 

Marienne isn’t easy either, currently tied up in a custody battle with her emotionally abusive ex-husband. 

Love - You Netflix 3
Love makes a rash decision to keep Joe around (Credit: Netflix)

So… Joe kills the ex husband and stages it as a mugging gone wrong. Naturally. 

Love isn’t stupid though, and realises her husband is hiding something. When she finds his blood-soaked shirt, she starts putting pieces together. 

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In another bid to win him over, she drugs him at dinner the night he tells her he wants a divorce. 

Turns out this isn’t the first time she’s done this, and she’s been growing poisonous plants in the garden for this very reason. Like we said, trust issues. 

With Joe paralysed on the floor, she calls over Marienne in an effort to kill her. Only she has a change of heart upon realising Marienne’s daughter is with her. 

Joe - Netflix You season 3
Joe thinks fast to survive (Credit: Netflix)

Instead, she spills all of Joe’s obsessive killer secrets, and tells her to make a run for it. 

With Joe’s new ‘love’ out the door, Love turns her attention back on her cheating husband – and starts sharpening a meat cleaver. 

You season 3: The final showdown 

Deciding to kill her husband ‘after everything she’s done for him’ (which on this season alone includes a body count of two and shoving their Instagram-loving friends in a holding cell at her bakery), Love goes for his throat. 

Only, he’s a little ahead of her, having spotted the poisonous plants and giving himself adrenaline to counteract it before it could fully take effect. 

Injecting her, he deliberately makes her overdose. With one last monologue, Love is dead. 

You season 3 Marienne Netflix
Marienne takes Love’s warning and runs with her daughter (Credit: Netflix)

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He then sets the scene to make it look like she had killed him, even cutting off his toes and shoving them in a pie for effect (ew.)

Creating a suicide letter on her behalf, he then burns his house to the ground, leaving his old life behind. 

A New Life 

In one final act of kindness, he leaves son Henry for a better life with two neighbours, Dante and Lensing, who had been desperate to adopt. 

With Love taking the fall for all of her crimes and Joe nowhere to be seen, the town assume he’s dead. 

Henry is left with the family’s caring neighbours to break the cycle (Credit: Netflix)

Their locked-up neighbours, Sherry and Cary Conrad, eventually find their way out, and somewhat corroborate Joe’s story after hearing Love’s previous murderous confession. 

In a classic 21st century twist, they become Ted Talkers and use their time locked up as a means to sell books. Classic. 

Even Love’s teenage lover Theo manages to get his life back on track. 

As for Joe? Last we see of him, he’s in Paris – searching the world for either Marianne, or a brand new obsession to lust over. 

God help her either way. 

You is available now on Netflix. 

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