You Are What You Wear

You Are What You Wear: Viewers mock ‘horrible’ outfit in Rylan Clark-Neal’s new BBC show

Some thought the shoes were the "worst" ever

BBC viewers were sorely divided over one of the final results in Rylan Clark-Neal‘s new show, You Are What You Wear.

The programme, which got underway on BBC One last night (Thursday, June 11), puts presenter Rylan at the head of a team of five stylists as they help people reinvent their wardrobes.

Viewers were introduced to 29-year-old Manny, a passionate powerlifter looking to spruce up his style.

What was Manny’s final outfit?

You Are What You Wear
You Are What You Wear viewers appeared to hate Manny’s final outfit (Credit: BBC)

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The team dressed him in several casual outfits, including one with a stylish bomber jacket and muscle-fit T-shirt that showed off his incredible physique.

Most viewers at home loved the You Are What You Wear team’s more casual outfits, though they called the last one “horrible”.

You Are What You Wear
They dressed him in a “horrible” blazer and the “worst” shoes ever, some viewers said (Credit: BBC)

It featured a long, vertical-striped blazer over a T-shirt and skinny jeans with a pair of blue suede loafers and no socks.

Viewers thought the shoes were particularly bad, with some calling them the “worst” they had ever seen.

You Are What You Wear
Viewers appeared particularly put off by the loafers (Credit: BBC)

‘Horrible’ blazer

One said on Twitter: “Loved the first three outfits Lucy put on Manny, but wasn’t keen on the big reveal outfit, especially the shoes #YouAreWhatYouWear.”

Another called the blazer “shapeless”, adding: “Those loafers are the worst things I’ve ever seen. #YouAreWhatYouWear.”

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A third said: “That blazer is horrible #YouAreWhatYouWear.”

Someone else wrote: “#YouAreWhatYouWear no man should ever wear suede loafers. Also, don’t get me started about men wearing shoes without socks. Just no.”

That blazer is horrible.

A fifth wrote: “That’s one good thing about lockdown. Not going out at the weekend and seeing sockless lads in skinny jeans that stop above the ankle along with loafers. Bad on every level. #YouAreWhatYouWear.”

“#YouAreWhatYouWear is SO SO SO outdated,” another tweeted. “Gives no real insight or knowledge (I mean, we don’t even know where the clothes are from!) and actually, a lot of these outfits are pretty rubbish.”

A ‘cracking’ job

However, not all viewers felt that way about the programme, or Manny’s final outfit.

“Wow she has dressed Manny so well!” observed one.

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“[Stylist] Lucy has done a cracking job on Manny,” tweeted another. “Great outfits, they look really good on him. #youarewhatyouwear.”

“@Rylan and all the other people on #YouAreWhatYouWear were absolutely brilliant,” someone else said. “The designers are fabulous, and so many lovley people having a complete transformation on clothes. Roll on next week @Rylan, you were fabulous xxxx.”

– You Are What You Wear continues on Thursday (June 18) at 8pm on BBC One

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