Lead character in Russell T Davies’ BBC drama Years and Years killed off

What a heartbreaking twist!

Fans of the BBC’s dystopian drama Years and Years were heartbroken last night (June 4) over the death of a major character.

Throughout episode four, Daniel fought to bring Viktor back to the UK from Spain, where he was living as an asylum seeker.

But a newly elected far-left government in the country promised to ‘repatriate’ those it believed had no right to be there, meaning Viktor would be shipped back to Ukraine and likely executed for being gay.

Years and Years
Viktor and Daniel (Credit: BBC)

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They needed fake passports to get back into Britain and paid a woman thousands for a set of forgeries. But they were conned and left with severely depleted funds, and with their options dwindling, Daniel paid a man to take them across the Channel on a boat.

When they arrived at the secluded cove, donned their life jackets and got on the cramped dingy, another vehicle full of migrants arrived and filled the boat to breaking point.

It was clear the crossing would be perilous and the next few scenes consisted only of brief flashes – fearful rain-swept faces, the bright orange of a flimsy life jacket, a choppy sea.

Years and Years
They had to get across the Channel (Credit: BBC)

Viewers then saw a dreary beach, scattered with the bodies of the drowned migrants.

A police officer on the scene placed a number plaque next to Daniel’s body while Viktor stood with another copper, bleary eyed and wrapped in a foil blanket – one of a handful of survivors from the boat.

Viktor made his way back to Daniel’s place and called the rest of the Lyons family to let them know his love was dead.

Years and Years
Daniel didn’t make it (Credit: BBC)

It was a big tonal shift from some of the more comedic scenes from previous episodes and viewers rushed to Twitter to comment.

One said: “The ending to the latest episode of #YearsAndYears is an absolute heartbreaker to watch. RTD showing again what an incredible writer he is.”

Another tweeted: “Probably the best drama I’ve seen for a long time! What a shocking and heartbreaking ending to ep four.”

A third wrote: “This week’s ending of #YearsAndYears had me in pieces. I can’t really imagine how everyone is going to move past this. It’s just so horrible and devastating yet so real.”

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A fourth said: “Well that was a depressing ending to #YearsAndYears.”

Someone else wrote: “Wow #YearsandYears definitely got me tonight. Those last scenes engrossed me. I was genuinely stressed and upset by what was going on and then that ending. Fantastic television but a worrying and thought provoking mirroring of reality.”

“Just watched #YearsandYears. Bloody hell I didn’t expect that ending,” tweeted another, adding: “It was so sudden and shocking and heartbreaking. Gran’s reaction broke me.”

Years and Years continues on Tuesday (June 11) at 9pm on BBC One

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