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Winterwatch 2022: Megan McCubbin fans defend star after pronunciation blunders

The TV star stumbled over some Irish place names

Winterwatch 2022 star Megan McCubbin has been blasted by viewers over the way she pronounced a series of Irish locations.

The conservationist and zoologist made the blunders during the final instalment of the BBC show last night (January 28) as she was discussing how certain birds flew around Ireland.

While viewers were impressed with her red kite knowledge, they weren’t keen on the way she said some well-known Irish places.

Winterwatch 2022: Which words were people upset about?

One they took issue with was Donegal, which people claiming Megan was saying “Don-Eagle”.

Antrim also came up, with viewers questioning why the TV star seemed to be saying “A-trim” instead.

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Waterford also appeared to become “Water-ford.”

How did Winterwatch viewers react?

Not well, it has to be said!

“Love your work Megan but ‘Doneeegle’? Come on… Donegal is somewhere you should know how to pronounce!!” said one person on Twitter.

Another posted: “Watching #Winterwatch, my home county of Donegal pronounced as ‘Dun Eagle’.

“A disgrace.”

“Putting the ‘eagle’ into Donegal with that pronunciation! The red kites would approve!” joked another.

One tweeted: “This girl needs to learn how place names are pronounced.

“Very poor for a presenter. Doneagle? A-trim?”

“Ah yes, those well known Irish places Water Ford and Dun Eagle,” quipped another.

Fans rush to defend Megan

However, plenty of other viewers waded in to defend Megan.

Many of them pointed out that the 26-year-old star is dyslexic.

One person posted on Twitter: “Horrible people laying into Megan for her pronunciation.

“She has dyslexia.”

Another said: “Megan is an excellent presenter and a knowledgeable zoologist.

“She’s also #dyslexic so give her a break!”

Is Megan McCubbin Chris Packham’s daughter?

Megan is presenter Chris Packham‘s step-daughter.

Her mother is Chris’ former partner Jo McCubbin.

Chris Packham in a field
Chris Packham is Megan’s stepdad (Credit: Splash)

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And while Chris and Jo are no longer together, he remains a big part of Megan’s life.

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