Will Max Branning DIE in EastEnders Christmas Day shoot out with Phil Mitchell?

We were promised catastrophic!

Could Max Branning’s revenge plot unravel in the most devastating of ways during tomorrow’s Christmas Day episode of EastEnders?

Fans have been on the edge of their seats over the past few weeks as Max’s actions have come to light, leaving the rest of Albert Square shocked at the lengths he’s gone to for revenge.

Max and Phil battle it out on the Square (Credit: BBC)

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But could Walford’s very own Godfather, Phil Mitchell, be about to take matters into his own hands and get rid of Max once and for all?

These new pics from tomorrow’s highly anticipated episode suggest just that as Phil rounds on unhinged Max with a shooter.

The arch enemies come to blows before Phil threatens Max with a gun.

But will Phil Mitchell actually be able to pull the trigger and end Max’s life – or will the broken Branning somehow redeem himself at the 11th hour?

Will Phil shoot Max? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders has had a new lease of life in recent weeks as Max’s year-long revenge plot has hurtled towards its exciting climax.

Viewers were left stunned last week when Max tried to throttle Ian Beale with a string of fairy lights, only being stopped when Lauren Branning begged her dad to show Ian mercy.

EastEnders has confirmed that there will be a shock death on the Square this Yuletide – could Max be the unlucky resident?

He’s sunk so low it’s hard to see where he can go from here – perhaps his time in the Square is up?

Max’s revenge plot has been a year in the making and actor, Jake Wood, has promised fans it will absolutely be worth the wait.

Max has become more unhinged over the last few weeks (Credit: BBC)

“The lead-up to Christmas is some of the most action-packed, week-on-week stuff I’ve seen and they culminate in Simon Ashdown’s episodes at Christmas and they’re amazing,” Jake told Metro.

And he said that the story being such a slow-burn is what makes next week’s episodes so exciting.

“The best kind of drama comes, not out of the blue, but out of a well-structured, well-thought-out, big build up,” he said.

“The Max and Stacey reveal was a year. It’s a delicate balance in stretching out the storyline but you need that time. That’s why that Christmas was so memorable.

It will be a Christmas to remember in Walford (Credit: BBC)

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“I feel that this is the same situation. This really goes back to ‘who killed Lucy?’ We’re still playing out the same story.

“For me, those are the best payoffs because everyone has invested over a long period of time.”

EastEnders is on BBC One Christmas Day at 9pm

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