Why is Bez wearing a helmet on Dancing On Ice 2022?

The ITV star is worried about getting injured

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Dancing On Ice star Bez is the first contestant to ever wear a helmet on the live shows.

The Happy Mondays star is among the stars appearing on Dancing On Ice 2022 this year.

Bez is apparently terrified of falling flat on his head in front of the nation.

dancing on ice bez
Happy Mondays star Bez has revealed why he’s wearing a helmet (Credit: Splashnews)

Why is Bez wearing a helmet on Dancing On Ice?

Sadly, the 90s star has proven to be somewhat accident-prone during training for the live shows.

As a result, he’s wearing a helmet to protect himself from any serious injury while skating.

The dancer has confessed that he is absolutely “rubbish” in his skates.

He said: “I feel such a… but I know why they want me to wear it. I’ve fallen that many times and hit my head on the ice, it wouldn’t do to be seen on live TV with a splattered head all over the telly.

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“Nearly every time I get on the ice, my head’s been crashing — in sideway crashes, backwards crashes, forwards crashes.

“And every time I smack my head on the ice, you know what I mean… I think they’re a little bit frightened that I may do myself an injury.”

dancing on ice bez
Happy Monday’s star Bez has been injured during training (Credit: Splashnews)

Bez shares fears of being injured

Bez has been having a tough time of it with his partner, Angela Egan.

He’s fallen a number of times on the ice since training began. The star said his helmet even flew off once during a bad fall.

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“I was hoping to get good enough not to wear my helmet. But they’ve got me a melon helmet to wear. It should be quite funny to see me skating around with that on.

“Better that than a watermelon getting squashed badly, with blood and gore everywhere. I don’t think that’d go down well on live TV.

“I don’t want to give too much away but definitely, there’s going to be some maracas involved somewhere,” he added.

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