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Who is rapper Big Narstie and how did he become famous?

He's multi-talented!

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Big Narstie is a rapper, television presenter, comedian and author and his cousin is appearing First Dates!

But how old is he? And how did he get his first big break in the fame game?

Read on to find out about Big Narstie’s success and fortune…

How old is Big Narstie?

Big Narstie was born on November 16, 1985. As of February 2021, this makes him 35.

big narstie
Big Narstie is a rapper, producer, host and comedian! (Credit: SplashNews)

What is Big Narstie’s real name?

Big Narstie is not the celebrity’s real name. In fact his birth name is Tyrone Lindo.

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He grew up in Lambeth, South London.

How did Big Narstie become famous?

Big Narstie was in a grime music crew known as N Double A.

However, he became widely known for his online persona.

The Londoner released much of his music and comedic videos on YouTube.

He also found success as a solo artist, and collaborated with the likes of Craig David and Professor Green.

big narstie 2021
He keeps his family out of the limelight (Credit: SplashNews)

When did he have his own show?

Big Narstie has had his own comedic chat show on Channel 4 from 2018 – aptly named The Big Narstie Show.

Co-hosted with Mo Gilligan, they featured major stars as guests – including Thandie Newton, Jonathan Ross, Mel B, Pamela Anderson and Stephen Fry.

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To date there have been three series. It remains unconfirmed when a fourth series will air.

Was he on Gogglebox?

Yes, Big Narstie appeared on a 2017 episode of Celebrity Gogglebox.

He appeared alongside his mate Ed Sheearn and Example.

Viewers took in droves via Twitter to accuse him of being ‘high’ on marijuana at the time.

He was also on The Great Celebrity Bake Off in 2019.

How rich is Big Narstie?

According to TheMoneyEquation, Big Narstie has a net worth of in the range of £1-2 million.

Is he married? Does he have any kids?

The star lives in Essex with his long-term partner and their two young daughters.

He met her while she was a DJ at a youth centre in Brixton.

He deliberately keeps his young family’s identities out of the public eye.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, he says his family has completely changed him.

Tyrone said: “Having children has changed me in every way. I’m responsible for life. I’ve made two lovely human beings and how I treat them and raise them will show if they want to be a benefit to society, or a nightmare to society.”

gemma collins parents
The GC appeared on his show (Credit: SplashNews)

What happened between Big Narstie and Gemma Collins?

Gemma Collins appeared on an episode of The Big Narstie Show last year.

However a source claimed that Gemma left quickly after filming as she didn’t like the ‘smell of weed.’

A source alleged to The Sun: “Gemma was taken aback when she arrived to film the show because the whole place smelt of weed.

“She has always been very open about how much she dislikes drugs – she thinks they are the route of all evil and Arg [James Argent] is currently recovering in Thailand so it really wasn’t on.”

Nathaniel appeared on Channel 4’s First Dates (Credit: Channel 4)

Was Big Narstie on First Dates?

Big Narstie was not on First Dates.

However, his cousin, student Nathaniel, 20 was.

Nathaniel appeared on an episode of the Channel 4 series. A student at Derby University, he said he is close to his cousin.

On the episode he hit it off with his date and opened up about his experience growing up as one of the few black students in his school growing up.

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