Colin Furze

Who is Colin Furze? Great British Menu guest star is an inventor and huge YouTube star

He's a man of many, many talents!

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Colin Furze is a guest judge on a new episode of Great British Menu on BBC Two.

He’s a man you may not be familiar of – but in the inventor and YouTube world – he’s very much a big deal.

So let’s get to know more about this married dad-of-two ahead of his Great British Menu debut…

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What did Colin Furze invent?

Colin Furze, 43, is a former plumber turned inventor, stunt man and YouTube sensation.

He’s invented his own version of a jet-bike, a homemade hover bike and designed a mobility scooter that goes up to 70mph!

colin furze 2021
Do you recognise Colin Furze? (Credit: YouTube)

The last one earned him a Guinness World Record. He even built his own apocalypse bunker in 2020 in his suburban back garden.

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Almost all of his inventions are explained and demonstrated on YouTube. And the majority of his videos have at least one million streams to date.

What does Colin Furze do on YouTube?

Colin is known as the ‘mad scientist’ of YouTubers. He’s got over 11 million subscribers and earned billions of views.

His videos mainly see him try out epic and often quite dangerous stunts. And he also shows off his latest inventions from the development stage to end result.

While speaking to the iNews, Colin says he’s delighted to have found fame through YouTube rather than the traditional route of television.

colin furze on youtube
He plays up to his mad scientist persona! (Credit: YouTube)

He explained: “It felt fresh because everything on telly is so watered down and covered with bubble wrap. On the internet, you just see people going for it.”

Meanwhile he admitted he’s mainly ‘winging it’ when it comes to his madcap inventions.

Adding: “All I’m trained in is plumbing. Most of what I do every day is just winging it.”

On his official YouTube account, he describes his channel as: “This channel is the home of crazy inventions, brilliant world records and constant disregard to health and safety.

“I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the videos uploaded as there some of the best and most original on the net and it is TV shows that copy me not the other way round.

“Thanks and hope you have enjoyed the ride.”

youtube star
Colin is a guest on Great British Menu (Credit: YouTube)

Who is Colin’s wife?

Colin is a married man, but he keeps the identity of his spouse under wraps. She’s not in the public eye and stays behind the scenes.

The couple share two children: a daughter named Erin and a son Jake. Jake shares his dad’s passion for inventions and often appears in his YouTube videos.

What is Colin Furze’s net worth?

According to mddailyrecord Colin has an impressive net worth of around $4 million.

At the current exchange rate this is upwards of £2.8 million.

He will earn a fantastic salary from his highly watched videos online.

And he may also do sponsored ads and promote products within his content.

In addition he sells Colin Furze merchandise through his channel as well.

*Colin Furze is on Great British Menu on BBC Two on Friday May 14 at 8.30pm.

The episode will be available to stream on BBC iPlayer after it airs.

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