Who is Cledwyn in I'm A Celebrity?

Who is Cledwyn in I’m A Celebrity? Here’s everything you need to know

He's a firm fan favourite

Cledwyn in I’m A Celebrity is one of the show’s true unsung heroes, and viewers love him whenever he appears onscreen.

The gruff, moustachioed Welshman is a key part of the series and has become a real fan favourite.

But who is he? And who is the real person under the ‘tache?

Who is Cledwyn in I'm A Celebrity?
Kiosk Cled is a firm fan favourite (Credit: ITV)

Who is Cledwyn in I’m A Celebrity and what does he do?

In past series, the kiosk has been manned by a surly looking, hirsute gentleman.

Down Under in Australia we had Kiosk Kev, played by Mark Herlaar.

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But since the show relocated to Wales because of Covid restrictions in 2020, Kev was replaced by… Cledwyn.

Show officials explained that the name was a hat-tip to the late Secretary of State for Wales, Cledwyn Hughes.

A fan favourite

Cledwyn himself performs a valuable role in the show.

He’s in charge of Ye Olde Chop in Gwrych Castle and dispenses treats to campmates after challenges.

And you can tell he’s a fan favourite.

He didn’t appear in the first couple of episodes of this new series, and fans were quick to ask where he was.

“Where’s Kiosk Cledwyn this year?” one fan asked on Twitter.

Thankfully he appeared and did what he does best – give campmates treats from the kiosk.

Frankie Bridge and Naughty Boy were the first to win treats from Cledwyn this year.

Who is Cledwyn in I'm A Celebrity?
Does anyone know who the real Cledwyn is? (Credit: ITV)

Who is the real Cledwyn?

Cledwyn is such a hit with fans he has his own Twitter account (@kioskcled).

Despite the very public face of this character, not much – if at all – is known about the real person behind the character.

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ITV has not revealed the identity of the real Cledwyn, but rumours abound that he’s an actor who has once appeared in a Tesco advert.

In the past, however, I’m A Celebrity has used members of the production crew to fill Kiosk Kev roles.

So the mystery of who the real Cledwyn will have to stay a mystery.

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