ed cooke Can I Improve My Memory

Who is Can I Improve My Memory star Ed Cooke?

Love Island star Amber Gill is among the stars taking part in the new series

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Ed Cooke is one of the stars of the Channel 4 show Can I Improve My Memory?

He is a cognitive science and memory expert and has trained his memory to retain vast amounts of information.

But how did he become the expert he is today?

ed cooke Can I Improve My Memory
Ed Cook stars in new Channel 4 series Can I Improve My Memory? (Credit: Channel 4)

Who is Ed Cooke?

Ed Cooke was born in 1982.

The TV star made his name as one of the world’s best memorisers at The World Memory Championships.

He’s been awarded the title of Grand Master of Memory.

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Ed memorised the order of 10 decks of cards and a random 1000-digit number in under an hour.

He also memorised the order of a deck of cards in under a minute.

In 2010, Ed decided to put his incredible memory to good use.

He co-founded the learning app Memrise, which he dubbed “The world’s most entertaining language learning app”.

Over a decade later and it’s now used by 60 million people across 189 countries around the world.

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“To teach language in a way that is genuinely motivating, rich and interesting and fun you have to connect with much more than the words and phrases,” says Ed.

“You’ve got to connect with the people, the culture, the places.”

ed cooke Can I Improve My Memory
Ed is a self-trained memory expert (Credit: YouTube)

How did his career begin?

Ed’s journey began back when he was just 18 years old.

He found himself stuck in the hospital bed in Oxford for 3-months of treatment for juvenile arthritis.

To stave off the boredom, Ed began to experiment with ways to improve memory.

He explored ancient memory improvement techniques and realised he could quickly remember 40 objects within just a few minutes.

Ed ended up wowing nurses and doctors, and his passion for memory began to flourish.

He’s gone on to become of the world’s most renowned memory experts, and now he’s a TV star to boot.

Whereas we can barely remember someone’s name after meeting them… save us a spot on series 2, Ed?

Can I Improve My Memory? airs Thursdays on Channel 4 at 8pm and is available to stream on the broadcaster’s catch-up service, All 4.

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