Mark Addy in White House Farm

White House Farm: Bored viewers accuse ITV of ‘drawing out’ true-crime drama

Two weeks left

ITV viewers have accused the broadcaster of ‘drawing out’ true-crime drama White House Farm.

The story, which explores the tragic murder of an Essex family in 1985, continued last night (January 29 2020) with DS Stan Jones (Mark Addy) trying to get his bosses to look again at the case and consider killer Jeremy Bamber‘s (Freddie Fox) involvement.

White House Farm
Freddie Fox as killer Jeremy Bamber (Credit: ITV)

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It was the fourth of six episodes and, with two weeks left until the conclusion, viewers are claiming the tragic story could have been told in fewer episodes.

Some have admitted they are “bored” with the series, while others said they thought the show included too many “unnecessary” scenes.

Mark Addy in White House Farm
Mark Addy plays DS Stan Jones (Credit: ITV)

One disgruntled viewer wrote on Twitter: “Really lost interest in #WhiteHouseFarm. The story could’ve been told over two-three nights, instead it’s been drawn out for weeks with inconsequential and unnecessary scenes. And it’s on again next week!”

Another tweeted: “Is it me or is #WhiteHouseFarm feeling a bit long and drawn out now? Feel they could have done it in three episodes.”

A third said: “If all that happens this week is they get cremated then they really are taking the [bleep] in drawing this out #whitehousefarm.”

Can’t waste another hour on it.

“#WhiteHouseFarm, how long are they gonna draw this out for?” someone else demanded. “My god, we have to wait a whole week.”

A fifth wrote: “Blimey. How long is this series running for… #whitehousefarm.”

Someone else tweeted, “#WhiteHouseFarm, far too long. Should have been [fewer] episodes. Bored me into abandonment. Can’t waste another hour on it” and another responded, “Totally agree, it’s becoming a drag to watch”.

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Not everyone feels the same way, as others have admitted they are “hooked” and called the series “brilliant TV”.

“I’m hooked, #WhiteHouseFarm is so gripping,” said one. “I have never sat so quiet and fixated on the telly before. #itv #loveit.”

Another tweeted: “#WhiteHouseFarm I get so frustrated every week it’s left on a cliffhanger. I forgot what it was like to wait a week for the next episode of something! Bloody brilliant TV @ITV.”

“Totally hooked,” admitted a third, adding: “Absolutely brilliant stuff #WhiteHouseFarm.”

White House Farm continues on Wednesday (February 5 2020) at 9pm on ITV

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